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Finding the Right Balance With Your Home Exteriors
In Tewksbury, MA

Solid State Construction Offers Siding, Roofing, Windows, and More

There are many parts that make up your home’s exterior. At a minimum, there’s your roof, your siding, and your windows. You might also have a deck or a porch, as well. It’s not enough for these parts to all look good individually. You also want there to be a cohesive flow in your overall design. With the right exterior remodeling company, you can find beautiful, lasting home exteriors that all flow together in Tewksbury, MA.

Why Should You Work With the Same Exterior Remodeling
Contractor In Tewksbury, MA?

You have multiple exterior remodeling jobs that you need to be done, and there are plenty of remodeling companies out there. Some might offer roofing and siding, while others might offer decks and interior remodeling. You can even find some — like Solid State Construction — that does it all.

And that’s usually the best choice for your home. If you hire one exterior remodeling contractor to do all of your exterior remodeling, you know you’re getting the same quality of expertise and service, and you may even be able to save money through deals or discounts. When it comes to warranties, you’ll have less of a problem trying to remember what company did the work in the first place. It all depends on the company themselves. The right exterior remodeling company could help you to realize your dream home, while a poor exterior remodeling company could mean doing the whole thing over.

Solid State Construction — An Exterior Remodeling Company
You Can Trust

It’s not just that we do it all. We do it all well. That means we offer a variety of top-notch products when it comes to roofing, siding, windows and doors, and decks. We’re trusted by some of the best manufacturers in the industry. For instance, we’re a GAF Master Elite Roofer, something only 3% of roofers can claim. With strong partnerships from the like of:

We’re able to offer long-term warranties and confidence in our work.

Solid State Constructions 6 P’s of Service

In our 15 years in the industry, we’ve earned the trust of manufacturers and our customers alike by holding ourselves to the same high standard of quality services. We sum it up in our 6 P’s:

  • People. Whether they’re customer service reps, installation crew, or anything in between, we make sure to hire the best people for the job. 
  • Professionalism. We treat your home as though it were our own. We’re respectful of you and your family, and we always clean up before we leave. 
  • Processes. We’ve seen it all and done it all when it comes to exterior remodeling. That’s how we’ve developed processes to ensure that every step of the project is handled by a pro. 
  • Peace of Mind. The point of hiring a professional for your exterior remodeling is so that you don’t have to stress. With Solid State Construction on the job, that’s exactly what you’ll find. 
  • Passion. We love what we do, which is why we’re determined to be the best at it time and time again.
  • Preparation. Our team is highly trained and up to date on their certifications so that we’re constantly staying at the forefront of the industry.

Exterior Remodeling Services in Tewksbury, MA From Solid State Construction

Find The Exterior Remodeling That’s Right For You In Tewksbury, MA With Solid State Construction

Contact us today to learn more or get started with a free estimate. Need exterior remodeling outside of Tewksbury, MA? Check out our list of service areas to see if you’re within range.