Two-Story Home With New Roofing, Blue James Hardie Siding, And White Windows

Waltham, MA Pristine Exterior Home Remodeling

Turn To Solid State Construction For Expert Remodeling

The idea of an exterior remodel is often met with groans and moans. The idea of having to redo the entire outside of your Waltham, MA home can feel as though this is too big of a task.

For many people, if they need a roof replacement, they put it off as they do not know who to work with. They think about just letting it go for a little longer. The same can be said for any exterior remodel, whether it’s a siding replacement, deck installation, new windows, doors, or roof replacement.

We understand the feeling of doom that many homeowners get. However, we are who to call in the Waltham, MA area when you find that you need pristine exterior home remodeling completed in a timely manner.

Our Waltham, MA Exterior Services

When it comes to the exterior of your Waltham, MA home, we are who to call. We have a 99% satisfaction rating with our customers, and we invite you to check out the numerous customer reviews that we have.

Just how can we help your Waltham, MA home to look like new again?

Window And Door Installation

When you notice drafts in the winter or find that your energy bills are higher throughout the year, it could mean that those windows and doors in your home are not as fitted as you hope. Or if you notice that doors or windows are not closing as they once did, it often shows that windows and doors may need replacing.

We offer a wide selection of windows and doors including those that are wood, vinyl, steel, fiberglass, or the like. We can find a style that is going to suit the exterior of your home.

Roof Replacement

Roof replacement may be a necessity for your Waltham, MA home. If your current roof is aging out, or you notice signs that your roof is not functioning properly, then having quality roofing contractors handle this replacement is needed.

We offer rubber roofs, asphalt roofs, and metal roofs. Basically, something that is going to fit every taste and style out there.

Siding Replacement

The weather in our area can wreak havoc on your siding. Whether it is storms that cause physical damage or the beautiful color of your siding is fading,  these are all signs that you need siding replacement.

We offer wood, vinyl, and our personal favorite, James Hardie siding options. We will find a color that is similar to what you currently have, or you can opt to go for a fresh new color to really enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Deck Replacement Or Installation

The deck of a home is where you spend a lot of time when the weather is nice outside. However, decks get the brunt force of weather in the Waltham, MA area. For this reason, decks often need to be replaced for safety issues. In addition, those who want to enhance their deck or even build a new deck will find that we can take care of this for you.

We offer decks made in the traditional mahogany and cedar woods as well as composite decking, which is a personal favorite of ours.

Why Do People Choose Us?

Our reputation as being a quality exterior remodeler that has been in business since 2006, is what has people coming to us and recommending us to their friends and family. We also ensure that we always keep our company values in mind:

  1. We only employ people who have the same passion as we do when it comes to the exterior of the home and completing projects.
  2. We always have a plan for every project that we handle, so that we can complete them in a timely manner.
  3. Always be professional with our clients and one another.

We approach any project with the same consideration, regardless of the size of the project. You can count on us to always handle your exterior project with care.

FAQ About Waltham, MA Exterior Remodels

As a larger company, will clients have to deal with someone new every time?

When you start with us, you are given a project manager. This project manager is going to be your point of contact so you can be comfortable in knowing who you are working with.

Do we work with insurance or offer financing options?

We most definitely do! Whether your insurance is involved or you need financing options, we can help you out with this.

Is a consultation really free?

Yes! We know that some companies may offer consultations disguised as “free” but then end up asking for money at a later time. However, when you come to us, the consultation is truly free as we want to thoroughly guide you through your options so you know what you have to choose from.

What Others Are Saying About Us

When it comes to our exterior remodeling services, including roof replacement, we have tons of reviews that are all satisfactory. Check out these highlighted reviews!

“Replaced the roof, chimney flashing, and gutters. Nicely done. The installation of the GAF Timberline shingles, ridge vent and trim gives the house great curb appeal. Replacing all outside corners with white PVC produces a super look.” – Emerson G.

“Solid State Construction replaced the roofing on my Colonial with attached family room and two-car garage.  Premium GAF materials were usedm, and the workmanship was very good. The cleanup left no nails are material behind. They were the only contractor to inspect my attic for proper ventilation. They recommended Provo vents and installed them.” – Fred M.

Are you ready to enhance your Waltham, MA home? We are here to help. Be sure to contact us for a free virtual consultation to talk about what you need to be done and what options we have for you.