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Roofing That Lasts in Wellesley, MA

Solid State Construction Offers High-Quality Rubber, Asphalt, or Metal Roofing

Doors and windows might be the entrance into your home, but your roof is a big part of what makes your home secure and comfortable. Sleeping under a good roof protects you and your family from the elements day and night. It can help regulate the temperature in your home and help keep out pests. It even helps your home to stand up longer without issue if it’s a good roof. But not all roofs are created equal, which is why you should trust your roofing to Solid State Construction.

Does Your Wellesley Roof Have Long-Term Value or Short-Term Savings?

A new roof can be a daunting investment, and it’s tempting to try to aim for the cheapest roof available to save money. Some homeowners may even try to perform a DIY roof replacement to save as much money as possible. But a cheap roof — and a cheap roof installation — may cost you more money in the long run. Cheap roofs often mean cheap materials and poor installation, leading to leaks and tears in the long run. It’s far better to look for a roof with long-term value, the kind of roof built to last for years that will eventually start paying for itself.

Solid State Construction Roofs Aren’t The Cheapest — But They’re Built to Last

There’s an industry saying, “You get what you pay for,” that certainly holds true of roofs. We might not have the cheapest roofs, but we also hold that you don’t want a cheap roof that will fall apart. What we offer instead is the best long-term value. We know the climate, and our roofs are built to withstand that climate. We provide rubber roofs, long-lasting metal roofs, and asphalt roofs from a top roofing brand like GAF

We also offer long-term value in the quality of our installations. We are a GAF Master Elite roofer, something only 3% of roofers can boast. This affiliation allows us to offer their top products and their best warranty to all of our customers.

What To Expect From Solid State Construction: Our 6 P’s of Excellence

No one holds us to a higher standard than we hold ourselves. It’s because we’re such perfectionists that we can offer a consistent quality of service to our customers again and again. Curious about the service you can expect from our roofing? Here are our “6 Ps” of excellence.

  • People. Whether a customer service rep or a roofing installation tech, we make sure to hire friendly, knowledgeable people who treat you with respect throughout the job.
  • Professionalism. Our team is also profoundly professional. We’ll stay in communication with you to answer any questions, be thorough in our installation, and leave the work area clean when we’re done.
  • Processes. We’re prepared for all of our roofing projects, with a transparent process that ensures each part of the roofing project is handled by an expert.
  • Peace of Mind. The best part of hiring a reliable roofer is the peace of mind. When we’re on the job, you can rest with confidence and look forward to your new roof.
  • Passion. We love roofing. We’re passionate about the job, which means that we’re constantly looking for recent advances and ways to improve roofing.
  • Preparation. With our highly trained, certified team and our expertise in roofing, we’re prepared for any job throughout Wellesley, MA.

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Looking For a Lasting Roof In Wellesley, MA? Let Us Help!

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