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Siding, Roofing, Windows, Doors & Decks

Are you on the hunt for a local exterior remodeling contractor to take a look at your Westford, MA property? If you’re interested in high-quality materials, high-class professionals, and genuinely great service, we’d love to meet you. 

Westford has bloomed into a beautiful residential area for upper-middle-class housing. It was even rated #11 on CNN Money’s “Best Places To Live” list in 2013. At Solid State Construction, we enjoy contributing to the beauty of the town with our siding, roofing, decks, and exterior home improvement services.

Why Solid State Construction?

 We adhere to what we call the 6 P’s For Exterior Remodeling Excellence:

  • People: Our staff is comprised of skilled, knowledgeable experts who are passionate about remodeling.
  • Process: We’ve honed our process to provide you with a smooth experience from start to finish.
  • Preparation: You can rest easy knowing that we plan and prepare meticulously to minimize delays, problems, and things “slipping through the cracks.”
  • Professionalism: We show up on time. We practice crystal-clear communication. And we make sure our professionalism shines through in all we do.
  • Passion: Home improvement isn’t “just a job” to us—we genuinely love it! This translates into better results for you.
  • Peace Of Mind: At the end of the day, it’s about providing you with the best possible experience… and ensuring your unqualified peace of mind.

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Our Core Exterior Remodeling Services


We specialize in wood, vinyl, and James Hardie fiber cement siding installation. Our bread and butter is James Hardie siding because it offers you the highest ROI and performance. In fact, we’re arguably the best and most decorated fiber cement siding specialists around. Let our project consultants help you determine which is best and will work best for your property.

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We can pull off asphalt, metal, and rubber roofing. We specialize in GAF asphalt roofing (GAF Master Elite) because, like premium Hardie siding, GAF roofing SYSTEMS are just that, entire specially-designed systems that dramatically increase ROI, roof performance, and look amazing for extra curb appeal. Metal roofing is increasingly common for its long life-span and versatile colors, and rubber is often for commercial properties with low-sloped or flat roofs.

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FAQs About Our Home Improvement Services

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

We’re proud to be a James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor. What this means for you is true, honest-to-goodness, peace of mind. You’ll KNOW your siding is being installed by highly-trained, experienced professionals. 

We are also the only exterior remodeler who’s been nominated into the James Hardie President’s Club. Only 20 contractors a year are chosen (out of endless thousands from around the country). We’re very proud of this accomplishment—and we’ve been chosen three separate times!

Q: What Are Siding Prices Like In This Area?

A: It varies based on the siding material, size of your home, the level of installation, and whether what’s under your siding needs to be repaired.

We’d be happy to provide you with an ironclad price on the right siding for your budget. Simply get in touch to set up a free Project Consultation.

Q: Why The Heavy Focus On James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding?

A: Because for most folks, their budgets, and their properties, fiber cement provides the most value per remodeling dollar. Hardie systems are designed for our region and they’re downright jaw-droppingly beautiful — hence why the ROI for these systems is among the highest in the industry of all potential remodeling investments.

Q: Do You Install Any Other Siding Systems?

A: Yes. In addition to fiber cement siding. all SSC siding teams are seasoned and qualified to install both wood and vinyl siding. We do what’s best for YOU

Asphalt, Metal & Rubber Roof Replacement

We are the most dependable roofing contractors in Central MA. If you’re interested in GAF asphalt, metal, or rubber roofing, contact us for a free roof inspection and quote. We would be honored to hear from you.

Q: Are GAF Asphalt Roofing Systems Ideal For This Area?

A: Yes. GAF manufactures the industry’s leading asphalt roofing system. It offers unrivaled protection, durability, and aesthetics for your money. 

Q: How Long Does Metal Roofing Last?

A: In a very general sense, high-quality metal roofing should last at least two to three times longer than your average asphalt roof. That can mean up to 60 years of performance, which is why we like to call these ‘The last roof you’ll ever need.’ Metal roofs also maintain their aesthetic value decade after decade.

Q: How Much Does Roof Replacement Cost In Westford?

A: It will depend on a number of factors. Material, size, pitch, and tear-off all affect roof replacement pricing.

This is why it’s ideal to get a quote and inspection from a trusted, professional roofing company (like us!). A quote and inspection will help you determine what works best within your budget.

Windows & Exterior Doors

We offer world-class window and door replacement to fit your unique style and budgeting. Working with our skilled carpenters makes such a difference!

From conventional replacement windows to full-blown new construction windows… from patio doors to entry door… we can do it all. And then some. 

Q: What Kinds Of Windows Do You Install?

A: Top-quality fiberglass, wood, and vinyl windows from highly vetted manufacturers in the space like ProVia and Marvin. We’re extremely strict when it comes to windows because we truly understand the sheer amount of subpar, cheap, and poorly-made products that are on the market (but they often look great from the sidewalk). With SSC you know you’re only getting windows that will last, maintain their beauty, and perform to the highest standards. 

Q: What Kinds Of Exterior Doors Do You Install?

A: We focus on entry doors and patio doors. For entry doors, we work with manufacturers like ProVia, which make amazing fiberglass and steel doors. For patio doors, we turn to brands like Marvin, which manufacture incredible lines of fiberglass, vinyl, and wood gliding and French patio doors.

Q: Can You Replace My Window & Door Frames As Well?

A: Yes. In addition to insert installation (a.k.a. replacement installation), we also do full frame installation (which is sometimes called new construction). Full frame installation is just that – tearing out the old frame, repairing the cavity as necessary, and installing a new frame before we install the window or door.

Composite & Wood Decks 

The SSC team is standing by to transform your deck, porch, or outdoor living space. We’ll create immense aesthetic appeal, increase property value, and add a harmonious outdoor space for hosting parties, BBQs, sunbathing, and personal enjoyment.

Q: What Are The Primary Benefits Of Popular Composite Decks?

A: First, you get the LOOK of gorgeous wood decking without any of the maintenance or upkeep.

Second, the sheer strength and durability of the material (made of recycled plastic and wood fibers bound together with a strong adhesive) are unmatched in other deck materials. Composite decks are resistant to chipping, fading, warping, scratching, splintering, cracking, chipping, rotting, moisture and more. 

Q: I Have Multiple Decks & Porches To Update—Can You Help?

A: Absolutely. Our teams are prepared and well-equipped to rebuild your decks and porches, while re-siding your home and replacing the roof. SSC is the biggest family-owned exterior remodeler in the area. We have over twenty teams, the finances of any large healthy corporation, and we love what we do. We’re no fly-by-night company!

Q: How Much Does Decking Cost In This Area?

A: It depends on the material, the size of the deck, and what you want to accomplish. Deck projects can come in all budget ranges—modest, medium, large, and so on.

The best way to get an understanding of how much a deck will cost is to contact us for a free Project Consultation. We have the expertise to price out your deck project accurately and develop a plan that works within your budget. Whether you want a composite deck or a wood deck, we can help. 

Get Your Free Exterior Remodeling Quote In Westford

We’re excited to learn about your project—be it siding, a roof replacement job, working on your decking, or all of the above.

Contact us today to get your questions answered and concerns addressed. From there, we’ll schedule your free, no-obligation, on-site meeting with an SSC Project Consultant. We hope to hear from you soon!

Book A Free Consultation

We have expert Project Consultants on standby waiting to help you. Contact us today to schedule a free, zero-obligation consultation. We would be honored to hear from you.

What Solid State Construction Customers Are Saying…

A+ construction company! From the consultation and financing to the last deck screw, they were first-rate with everything.

We had three decks put in: a mini side entry deck and a separate larger rear deck, as well as a pool deck. Could not have asked for better craftsmanship. The decks are better than we imagined and we cannot wait for next spring and summer to enjoy barbecues and swimming in our pool once again.

Thanks again, Solid State! You did an incredible job!

Natalie M.

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