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July 2, 2021

Watch Out For These 5 Warning Signs During Your Remodeling Quote

If A Company Is Guilty Of ANY Of The Following, Show Them The Door!


Let’s face it: The home improvement industry has a pretty poor reputation. And, for the most part, it’s well deserved.

Make no mistake—Quality home improvement companies DO exist. They ARE out there. But finding them is roughly the same as locating a needle in a mile-high haystack.

Here’s the good news…

Once you know what you’re looking for, filtering out the low-quality companies is easy. Here are 5 major warning signs to be wary of.

Warning Sign 1: They Arrive Late Or Fail To Show Up

It would shock you how many companies fail the most basic test: Showing up to your estimate! That’s about as clear-cut a sign as any to stay far, far away from a company.

Another warning sign is if they arrive late to the appointment and don’t notify you. This is less egregious than the company not showing up at all. But it still shows a lack of respect for YOU and YOUR time.

Warning Sign 2: They Don’t Listen To You

Obviously, you don’t want a salesman in your home talking your ear off for 3 hours. Yet you also do not want the exact opposite—a company that doesn’t take the time to assess your needs and LISTEN to you.

If a contractor talks over you or doesn’t take the necessary time to discuss what YOU want, it means one thing: They are more concerned with closing the sale than giving you what you want. This lack of consideration for your needs is a sign of how they’ll treat the actual installation—by rushing through the job so they can collect the check.

Warning Sign 3: They “Guesstimate” The Price

Be wary of a contractor who simply guesses what the job will cost or has no concrete way of calculating a solid price. This leaves the door open for them to charge whatever they feel like at the end of the job.

Surprise charges are one of the biggest problems homeowners have with home improvement companies. By not getting a firm price up front, you’re essentially handing the company a blank check. Truthfully, an ethical company wouldn’t allow a customer to move forward UNTIL that customer clearly understands the costs.

Warning Sign 4: They Lowball You

This warning sign is comparable to the one above, but it’s even shadier. When a contractor “lowballs” the price, it means they intentionally underbid the job to get your business… and end up charging you A LOT more after installation.

Something to understand about home improvement is that prices that seem too good to be true are just that—TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. Remodeling is a “get what you pay for” investment. If the price a contractor quotes seems exceptionally low, it either means they deliver poor quality or are going to spring extra charges on you at some point during the project.

Warning Sign 5: They Send Someone Inexperienced To Your Appointment

Certain companies simply don’t train their salespeople well in the art of customer service. You can easily tell who these companies are. They’ll send a representative to YOUR home that has no idea how to answer your questions.

Why are their materials better when compared to another company’s materials? They can’t tell you. How can they ensure quality installation? They can’t tell you. What makes their warranties better? They can’t tell you.

If the company’s representative has a hard time articulating answers to your questions, it means the company isn’t interested in educating you properly.

What You Get With Solid State Construction


All of these warning signs have something in common—they show that a company doesn’t have the proper respect for you.

At Solid State Construction, we have a top-notch reputation for how we treat our customers. When we come to your home, you won’t experience any of the “warning signs” listed above. Instead, here is what you get…


  • Punctuality: We’ll arrive on time to the appointment—it’s just that simple. If some unforeseen circumstance (a train, traffic jam, etc.) makes us run behind, we’ll immediately call to inform you and update you on when to expect us.
  • Consideration: We won’t come to the appointment on a mission to sell you. Instead, we’ll have a thoughtful, relaxed conversation about your needs. Once we’ve carefully listened to you, we THEN make a recommendation based on your situation and budget.
  • Firm Pricing: We specialize in honest, ironclad pricing. You won’t get a “guesstimated” price. We’ll provide you with a firm quote and review it in detail with you.
  • Knowledge And Experience: Solid State Project Consultants are extensively experienced, trained, and educated on our products and processes. If you have questions about our company, they have the right answers.

You deserve a home improvement company in Central MA that’s focused on what’s best for you. And that’s exactly the kind of company we are.

For an educational consultation and fair price on premium exterior remodeling, reach out to us today or schedule a virtual consultation. It would be an honor and a privilege to speak with you.