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June 25, 2021

Who Says Metal Roofs Have To Look Like Metal Roofs?

Introducing True Nature Metal Roofing: The Roofing Material Where “Beauty” Means “Brawn.”

It has always been easy to pick out a metal roof in Central Massachusetts. Standing seams have long been one of the only options homeowners like you have had for metal roofing.

And that’s perfectly fine—standing seam metal roofing can look great. But it just doesn’t offer the design possibilities of a material like tile or asphalt.

Until now.

Introducing True Nature Metal Roof Tiles

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding - Coastal Tile - Central MA

At Solid State Construction, we offer a groundbreaking solution in metal roofing: True Nature Metal Roof Tiles by Vicwest.

These metal roofing tiles are designed to mimic natural roofing materials… and do so with mirror-image authenticity. You can enjoy the look of wooden shake, slate, or terracotta roofing–without the problems those materials are known for.

No dried out and splitting cedar shingles. No cracked or chipped slate tiles. No dried-out clay. Just shiny, impervious, lifetime-lasting steel.

More Than Skin Deep

The engineers at Vicwest weren’t content just to offer a new look to metal roofing. Instead, they designed their new roofing system to work as well as it looks. Each 28-gauge steel tile locks into the last one, with each forming a mini-gutter system to direct the flow of rainwater away from the tile surface.

The interlocking design makes for an amazingly robust roofing surface that has been tested against winds up to 215mph. Nope, that isn’t a typo. This roofing system laughs at most anything Mother Nature cares to dish out and looks amazing while it chuckles.

What’s The Big Deal About Metal Roofs?

Metal Roof Tiles - Central MA

Many people picture the corrugated roofs of old when they hear the term metal roofing, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Today’s metal roofs are more resilient, more stylish, and much quieter than those wavy atrocities from the past.

The low end of a metal roof’s lifespan exceeds the longest lifespan of the most expensive asphalt roof by a decade or more. There are reasons for that beyond just the fact of being metal.

The surfaces of metal roofs are treated to reflect most of the sun’s rays, creating a Cool Roof that can help power your energy bills by 20-40%. The special coatings make a metal roof virtually immune to the effects of the sun, with little to no fading as the years go by.

The durability of metal also allows for better engineering for attaching it to your roof. Its ability to hold a shape allows for interlocking panels that are simply impossible to achieve with any other roofing material. This modern design gives you a roof that will:

  • Shed snow easily and safely
  • Prevent the formation of ice dams
  • Hold up to insanely high winds (up to 215mph)
  • Channel rainwater efficiently
  • Last 50 years or more, with little maintenance

There is no more durable roofing material available today than steel. And now, with the True Nature product, you can even protect a historic home with metal roofing without changing the home’s character.

Your Metal Roof Tile Options

Cedar Creek Shake Metal Roof Tiles


Cedar Creek Shake Metal Roofing Tile

Traditional cedar shake tiles warp, split, rot, and mold. True Nature Cedar Creek Shake metal roof tiles don’t. A thick profile generates a shadow line that makes these metal tiles indiscernible from cedar shake when they’re installed on your home.

North Ridge Slate Metal Roof Tiles

North Ridge Slate Metal Roofing Tile

These tiles replicate the look of beautiful stone slate, yet they’re lighter and more durable. Another excellent advantage: The deep key ways force water down the roof into the gutters!

Coastal Wave Metal Roof Tiles

Coastal Wave Metal Roofing Tile

Clay tile roofing can look stunning—but it can crack and break down easily. With Coastal Wave Metal Roof Tiles, you get the beautiful look of clay… and the durability of genuine steel.

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