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June 28, 2021

5 Things You Need To Know Before Hiring An Exterior Remodeler

Don’t Choose A Central MA Remodeling Company Until You Explore Their Track Record

It’s an unfortunate reality, but the truth is that the quality among Central MA exterior remodeling companies varies wildly.

We’re not saying that the majority of remodelers purposely deliver cheap quality. Or try to rip off their customers. But, to be perfectly honest, there are simply very few companies you can count on to deliver premium results on every project.

The proof is in the pudding: Most home improvement companies fail within their first five years in business. Staying power just isn’t strong in this industry—especially when a company isn’t satisfying customers.

That creates a couple BIG questions for you, the homeowner:

  1. How do you know you can trust a company to provide top-notch remodeling results?
  2. How do you know they’ll be around for the long haul, in case you ever need them?
    In this article, we answer these questions. Let’s take a look at the five things you need to know about an exterior remodeler… BEFORE you hire them.

#1: Time In Business

Considering most remodelers going out of business within their first few years, you need to be careful about who you hire. A lot of remodeling companies lack the financial stability to stick around for the long haul.

That’s why it’s best to look for a company with 10 or more years in business. Being in business for that long demonstrates that the company has rock-solid financials and will be there if you need them in the future.

#2: Number Of Positive Google Reviews

This is a quick and easy way to separate quality companies from ones that don’t satisfy customers. We recommend companies that maintain at least a 4.5 rating with at least 50 reviews.

Why? It’s independent proof that the company provides great results on a REGULAR basis.

#3: Awards & Certifications

Remodeling Trophies

Is the contractor you’re considering certified by the manufacturers they use? Have they won industry awards for their installation and customer service?

These are important questions to ask. It’s one thing for the contractor to tell you they’re great. It’s an entirely different—and BETTER—thing if they have the accolades and certifications to back up the claim.

#4: Actual Proof That They Install Great Products

Every single home improvement company in Central MA will tell you they install the “best materials.” So don’t just take a company at their word—make sure to research the brands they carry.

Some things to look for, broken down by category:

Always look for a company that truly believes in the superior quality of the windows they install and can actually explain what makes their materials superior.

#5: The People Who Will Handle Your Project

A company could sell the best products in the world. But if they don’t have the right PEOPLE, it won’t matter.

That’s why it’s important to choose a company whose employees are passionate, dedicated, and driven. You can typically tell who these companies are during the first appointment. There is a distinct “vibe” that companies with a positive, talented staff give off.

Bottom line: The key to a great remodel starts and ends with the people behind it. Period.

How Does Solid State Construction Stack Up?

Here’s a brief overview of how we measure up when considering the five categories above…

#1) Time In Business: We opened in 2006 and are the Central MA area’s largest independent exterior remodeler.

#2) Number Of Positive Google Reviews: We have well over 50 5-star Google reviews. You can explore our reputation here.

#3) Awards & Certifications: Our trophy shelf is stacked! See some of our awards and certifications.

#4) Proof Of The Best Products: James Hardie siding. GAF roofing. Marvin and ProVia windows. No matter what exterior remodel you need, we carry brands with a proven reputation.

#5) The People Who Handle Your Project: We hire the best of the best—no exceptions. For proof of that, take a look at our People and Passion pages.

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