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January 25, 2021

If Central MA ‘Roofers’ Claim They’ll Get Your Deductible Waived,

Slam the door…because it’s an Insurance Scam.

Has this happened to you?

*knock, knock, knock*

“Hi there, sorry to bother you. After that last storm passed through here, we’re offering free roof inspections to homeowners in the area. Would you be interested?”

Should someone claiming to be a Central MA roofer show up knocking on the front door of your home saying something along these lines, they could be legitimate… or trying to scam you into committing insurance fraud.  

Here’s how it works. The company will perform the inspection and give you an estimate for replacement. To win your business, they’ll tell you they’ll pay your insurance deductible.

In other words, you get a 100% FREE roof!

Only… you don’t.

Why? Because only YOU can legally pay the deductible. Otherwise, it’s Grade-A insurance fraud. And it can end up costing you A LOT more than your insurance premium.

If you’re like most homeowners, you don’t WANT to break the law. But a waived deductible is hard to pass up. And, on the surface, the deal sounds legitimate. 

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Here’s what you need to know…

The 3 Immutable Facts About Roofing Insurance Claims

To help ensure you dodge the judge’s gavel and never get snared in this kind of legal mess, here are the three things you need to know.

Fact #1: Forget About Wear & Tear — It Doesn’t Count

Free roofing inspections are great! Here at Solid State, we provide free roofing consultations to all of our new customers. For us, it’s an honest way to bring upfront value to the table and create business. If there’s a legitimate claim to be made on your roof though, it will not cover normal aging or damage related to natural wear and tear.

Simply Put: free inspections aside, any roofer trying to convince you they can get you a ‘free new roof’ or a ‘discounted new roof’ is trying to scam you. 

Fact #2: Thou Shalt Pay Thy Deductible — End of Story

What if there really was a storm that came through and you have a legitimate claim according to an Insurance Adjuster and the roofing company?

That’s great! It’s good to be well taken care of. You’re still going to have to pay the deductible, No Matter What.

The minute any roofers mention they can ‘help you with the deductible,’ HUGE red flags should start going up; alarms blazing. Simply show them your home insurance policy where it will state you, the homeowner, and only you, are legally required to pay the deductible.

Fact #3: Having A Reputable Roofer Is Invaluable

As a homeowner, maintaining a transparent honest relationship with a high-quality, well-known roofer you can trust is a game changer. We make all the difference when it comes to getting every penny you need during the process of filing a legitimate claim.


man looking at computer to review the facts about roofing insurance


Two Common FAQs About Roofing Claim Deductibles

Q: Can Roofers Inflate Estimated-Damages And Cover the Deductible?

First, let’s start with a bit of simple math. We’ll assume a roofer comes back to you and tells you there is around $8,000 in estimated damage. Under your policy, let’s say your deductible is an even $1,000.

This would mean your insurance company covers $7,000 and you pay the $1,000 deductible.

Now, what if the roofer says they can fudge the paperwork, increasing the estimated damage to $9,000? Wouldn’t that mean the deductible is, for you, supposedly $0 (hence the ‘Free Roof’ and ‘New Roof…No Out-of-Pocket Costs!’ scams)?

No. This is blatant insurance fraud. And because insurance companies are notorious for paying ONLY what they need to, they will likely spot this and YOU will be held legally liable.

Q: Can Roofers Discount Insurance-Related Work?

Sure, but it bears repeating, paying your deductible is YOUR legal obligation. There is no scenario where you somehow free yourself from this responsibility. Also, your insurance company isn’t going to reward you for finding a lower price on the work.

Let’s return to the simple math from above, with the $8,000 in estimated damages and your $1,000 deductible. If the roofer drops their pricing to $7,000, your insurance policy will simply cover $6,000 and you’ll make up the difference. Sad, but true.

Need An Honest Roof Inspection In Central MA? Get In Touch…

If you’re in the Central MA area and concerned about the state of your roof, go ahead and Contact Solid State Construction today. We provide absolutely free, professional, and by-the-numbers Roofing Inspections. Don’t get scammed, get impeccable results and service instead. We look forward to hearing from you.