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The North Reading, MA, area is home to many people who truly love it. However, this is by no means an area that is going to see tropical temperatures year-round, and these seasonal changes can wreck the exterior of your home over time.

Just how does this happen? With warm temperatures in the spring, downright hot in the summer, rain in the fall, and snow in the winter, the exterior of your home is seeing a lot of weather. It makes sense that your roof, windows, decks, and siding are going to start showing this wear and tear over time.

And this wear and tear can lead to tons of problems. While it can be an eyesore, if your roof is damaged from age and weather, this could actually lead to a ton of interior problems. Having roofing contractors that you can trust will fix this problem!

And we are the exterior contractors to trust with your North Reading, MA home!

North Reading, MA Services We Offer

Roof Replacement

When quality roofing contractors are needed, we have you covered! We offer roof replacement options that are going to look great and protect your North Reading, MA home. We offer roofs that are metal, rubber, and top-notch asphalt, so there is a look that you will love no matter the material that you want!


Siding that has been damaged or is aging is often going to be faded in color, or it may have cracks and even holes on this siding. We offer siding in a variety of colors, in vinyl and wood. However, we are super proud about offering James Hardie siding, which is a fiber cement siding that looks amazing and is tough enough to handle the North Reading, MA changing seasons!

Windows And Doors

Whether you are wanting to install new windows and doors to ensure your home is energy efficient, or you notice that your doors or windows are not opening or shutting properly, then window and door installation is a must. We offer options in vinyl, wood, fiberglass, wood, and steel options to ensure you have an option that will work with the aesthetics of your home.


The deck of your home is the place where you relax and entertain guests. When the deck is starting to look a little ragged, or you worry about the safety of the structure, then replacing it is the way to go. And if you don’t have a deck, we can design one that will go with your space and look amazing!

We offer decks made in mahogany or cedar, but we also offer composite decking, which is one of our personal favorites! Whatever you decide, we can design something that is going to really make your home exterior look amazing.

Why People Choose Us In North Reading, MA

Whether it is roof replacement or new windows/doors being needed, tons of people are reaching out to us for their exterior remodel. Why are they choosing us?

Our stellar reputation is one of the reasons. We have tons of reviews that we encourage everyone to check out to get a good idea of what to expect when we work with them. We also put our customers first, which is what can be felt when you first call us for your free estimate.

We have the six ‘P’s for Remodeling Excellence’ that dictate every project that we handle.

These are:

  • People: The only people we employ have the same values and dedication to exterior remodeling services as we do. This is seen from the project managers to the roofing contractors that we employ.
  • Process: Our process is simple and streamlined. We ensure that everything is laid out as it should be for every project so that everything is going to work as it should.
  • Preparation: Preparation is key with every project. We do not believe that you can be overly prepared for anything. Thus, we always have the plans laid out, the materials ready to go, and have thought of anything that could go wrong, so it will not.
  • Professionalism: Respect is the main component of professionalism, and every employee is going to respect our clients no matter what.
  • Peace of Mind: For those who work with us, they have peace of mind in knowing that we are an established North Reading, MA company that has been in business since 2006.
  • Passion: When it comes to exterior remodeling, most people do not think about passion. However, passion is definitely involved. We have a passion for remodeling that ensures every window, door, roof replacement, or siding replacement is done in a way that we ourselves would love to have.

The experience that we offer, the values that we hold, and our overall love of the community is seen in everything that we do!

FAQ About Our Exterior Remodeling Services

Will you work with the same person each time?

Yes, we have a project manager that is going to work with you each and every time. This ensures that they know what you want and there is an open line of communication.

If a roof replacement is needed, do we work with insurance companies?

Yes, we can do that for you. Also, remember that we offer financing options if your insurance is not going to pay for this roof replacement.

Do we just work in North Reading, MA?

No! North Reading, MA is just one of the areas that we serve. We serve the Boston area and beyond.

Get Your Dream Home With Us

If you know that the North Reading, MA weather has taken its toll on your home, then be sure to give us a call. We offer free estimates for roof replacements, new siding, window/door replacements, or deck issues.  We can make it happen no matter that!

We can give you the home that you have always envisioned!