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Are you online looking for a top-notch local exterior remodeler to revitalize your Westborough, MA home?

You’ve come to the right place.

Westborough is a town steeped in history. It became the 100th incorporated town in Massachusetts in 1717, originally populated by 27 families. Today, it’s home to almost 19,000 MA residents, but one thing hasn’t changed—the tremendous pride Westborough residents take in their homes.

As one of New England’s most trusted contractors, we can help you enhance the looks, performance, and value of your home. We take pride in knowing YOU take pride in your home because of our work.

Our 6 P’s For Exterior Remodeling Excellence:

  • Employing the most talented and qualified People
  • Honing our remodeling Process
  • Practicing painstaking Preparation
  • Exhibiting 24/7 Professionalism
  • Providing homeowners with Peace Of Mind
  • Exuding genuine remodeling Passion

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Our Core Exterior Remodeling Services


We specialize in wood, vinyl, and James Hardie fiber cement siding installation. Our bread and butter is James Hardie siding because it offers you the highest ROI and performance. In fact, we’re arguably the best and most decorated fiber cement siding specialists around. Let our project consultants help you determine which is best and will work best for your property.

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We can pull off asphalt, metal, and rubber roofing. We specialize in GAF asphalt roofing (GAF Master Elite) because, like premium Hardie siding, GAF roofing SYSTEMS are just that, entire specially-designed systems that dramatically increase ROI, roof performance, and look amazing for extra curb appeal. Metal roofing is increasingly common for its long life-span and versatile colors, and rubber is often for commercial properties with low-sloped or flat roofs.

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FAQs About Our Home Improvement Services

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

Truth be told, James Hardie installations are intricate, demanding, and there’s really zero margin for error if you’re looking to get the most protection over as long a period of time as possible.

We are the most qualified James Hardie installer in Central MA, winning the James Hardie President’s Club three times. (For reference, only 20 companies are selected for this honor PER YEAR.)

Q: Do You Really Have A Hardie Siding ‘Batcave’ In Your Warehouse?

A: Yes, we do. It’s not easy being among the most qualified fiber cement installers in the region. The ‘Batcave’ (as we like to call) it is actually a 10-foot by 10-foot practice area where our installers can go over the more difficult parts of installing Hardie’s already complex systems.

Q: How Much Does Siding Cost In This Area?

A: Much of this is dependent on the material you choose. Vinyl is usually the cheapest siding material. Fiber cement and wood are in the same ballpark as each other, and both are a little more of an up-front investment than vinyl. Fiber cement tends to provide the best bang for the buck because of return on investment, durability, and aesthetics.

Q: What Siding Material Is Best For My Home?

A: For most homeowners, the answer is James Hardie fiber cement. That said, one of our Project Consultants can pinpoint the perfect material during a free consultation and quote. We don’t play games or practice sales pressure. We give you honest advice and an expert recommendation. That’s a promise!

Asphalt, Metal & Rubber Roof Replacement

We’re a GAF Master Elite roofer that specializes in asphalt shingles, standing seam metal roofing, and rubber roofing replacement. We also put special attention into getting your attic ventilation RIGHT to make your home more energy efficient.

Q: What Does GAF Master Elite Certification Mean For Me?

A: It means first and foremost the peace of mind that comes from knowing your roof is being installed by highly educated, highly vetted, and highly passionate roofing professionals. Secondly, it opens up access to GAF’s warranty coverage options that are widely considered the best coverage in the roofing industry. 

Q: Why Are Metal Roofing Systems More Expensive?

A: Primarily because of the higher materials costs. The higher initial sticker price washes out though over time and as you see return on investment added to your property’s bottom line. 

Q: Do You Provide Free Roof Inspections?

A: Yes. Included in our inspection are an attic ventilation analysis and ironclad quote. We help you get the RIGHT roof replacement solution for your needs and budget.

Windows & Exterior Doors

Over the years, we’ve kept our selection of window and door manufacturers that we work with purposely small and laser-focused. What’s important is high-quality, features suitable for modern-day homeowners, continuous innovation, service, and competitive pricing. 

Q: What Are Two Windows Brands You Install Regularly?

A: Marvin is one of our premier lines because of the quality of their fiberglass and wood windows. ProVia is also an excellent window brand that manufactures some great vinyl and wood windows. 

Q: Do You Do Replacement Installation Or New Construction?

A: SSC is one of the few exterior remodeling contractors in our area who ensures all of our teams are prepared and trained for both. Insert installation is no problem at all, and neither are complete inspection, gut, repair, and frame replacement projects.

Q: What Are The Top Entry Doors & Patio Doors You Install?

A: The “Rolls Royce” of entry doors is without a doubt ProVia. Superior energy efficiency, astounding looks, great security features, and so much more are packed into these doors that it’s almost hard to imagine. 

For patio doors, we chose to install brands such as Marvin and a handful of others. We select ONLY the best, most proven industry brands. Period.

Composite & Wood Decks 

We’re an expert deck designer and builder specializing in both wood and composite. As the area’s only TimberTech AZEK Gold Certified contractor, we’re the go-to company for your composite deck project.

Q: Why Are Composite Decks So Popular in New England?

Answer: Composite decks are popular all over the nation, not just here in Massachusetts or across New England. The reasons why are numerous, but, the top two would be the sheer amount of resistance level of the material (scratch, rot, critter, splinter, fade, stain, etc.,) and ultra-low maintenance compared to natural wood decking. 

Q: What Species Of Wood Do You Build Decks With?

A: We work with cedar (ranges from honey to light brown), mahogany (ranges from light yellow to dark red), and more. These species are well-suited for the area, and they have their own natural built-in resistances to rot, warping, insects, etc. 

Q: Are Your Deck Consultations Free?

A: Yes. Your decking Project Consultant will break down everything, fill you in on all the pertinent details, and ensure you’re as informed as possible. This is 100% free and comes with no obligations whatsoever. 

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We have expert Project Consultants on standby waiting to help you. Contact us today to schedule a free, zero-obligation consultation. We would be honored to hear from you.

What Solid State Construction Customers Are Saying…

Because I knew next to nothing about the process of re-siding a very old house, I appreciated the information, time and handholding given me by Solid State Construction.

They did a thorough and professional job of examining my property, explained everything, and presented to me a detailed estimate and contract. There were no surprises. The work went off without a hitch and looks wonderful. I am very relieved and happy.

Natalie M.

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