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Solid State Construction Offers Asphalt, Metal, and Rubber Roofing.

The truth is, a good roof is one of those things that homeowners tend to take for granted when they have it. After all, if your roof is in good condition — isn’t leaking or missing shingles, rotting, or letting too much heat in — you don’t really notice it. But you notice the effects of a bad roof all too often. A leaky roof can lead to a drafty or stuffy home, stains in the ceiling, and even issues with the electrical wiring. If your roof is old, worn, leaky, or rotting, it’s not an issue of whether or not to replace it. It’s a matter of when, and the answer is as soon as possible…with help from Solid State Construction.


Roofing Is an Investment — Don’t Settle For Cheap and Now

Sometimes you realize you need a roof replacement at the worst time. You’re faced with what seems like limited options: choose a cheap roof replacement from a cheap roofer (possibly even taking on a DIY project) or put off the project until you’re in a better position to pay for it. However, all of these choices could end up costing you more in the long run. A cheap roof is likely to fall apart within a few years, which means you could find yourself in this exact same position all too soon. A DIY project could not only go wrong for the roof or your home, but it could lead to injuries and hefty hospital bills. And ignoring the problem will cause it to worsen, which could mean that by the time you replace your roof, you have a laundry list of other repairs to make.

A roof replacement is an investment. It doesn’t just fix the problem for now, but fortifies your home for years and even decades to come. The most cost-effective way to go about a roof replacement is to purchase a good roof — as well as the services of a good roofing professional — to begin with.


Solid State Construction Offers Quality Roofing and Cost Saving Solutions

Unlike other roofing professionals in the area, Solid State Construction will not attempt to save you money by selling you a cheap product and cutting corners when it comes to labor. On the contrary, we offer top roofing products that are built to last for decades to come. The durability and energy efficiency of metal roofing means that these roofs will practically pay for themselves in the long run. We’re a GAF Master Elite roofer, which means we’re entitled to use all of GAF products, including their lifetime asphalt shingles. We even offer rubber roofs for flat or low-sloped roofs. 

But we also have ways to help you save money on your project from the start if you find yourself on a tight budget. Check out our specials, such as our current offer of 10% off your project in the midst of the COVID-19 shutdown. We offer financing plans as low as $99/mo when it comes to roofing. 



The Six P’s of Solid State Construction’s Commitment to Excellence

Solid State Construction is committed to offering the best to our roofing customers throughout Westborough, MA, and all throughout Central Massachusetts. Why should you work with us? Beyond our top roofing products, financing, and specials, we back everything up with our 6 P’s of professional excellence.

  • People. People come first, both our customers and our commitment to hiring the best people in the industry. We have rigid hiring standards that allow us to weed out pushy salespeople or lazy roofers, so only the best show up to your job. 
  • Professionalism. Professionalism to us means clear communication in person and over the phone, respect for your home, and a clean worksite when the job is finished. 
  • Processes. We have a clear-cut process for every roofing project, so you can have the confidence that every aspect of your project is being handled by an expert. 
  • Peace of Mind. We’re committed to your peace of mind. That’s why you hire a professional roofer, after all. With our team of expert roofers on the job, you can just relax and enjoy your new roof.
  • Passion. We’re passionate about roofing and exterior remodeling, which is why we pour ourselves fully into every job we do.
  • Preparation. We keep our entire crew up to date on certifications and training, so we arrive at your home more than fully prepared.


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