IdentityOur 3 Requirements For Project Perfection

June 12, 2023

We Have A 3-Point Checklist That Must Be Met Before ANY Project Can Be Deemed Complete

Perfection Is Non-Negotiable For The Top-Tier Siding
& Roofing Products We Work With.

So you just had the roofing or siding replaced on your Central MA home, and the time has come to do the final inspection. How do you know if the project is truly 100% complete?

With Solid State, it’s not on you alone to determine that the project is done. We actually have our own process for ensuring absolute, 100% completion and PERFECTION for every one of our exterior projects.

Here’s a brief run-down of how it works:

Project Manager Stamp Of Approval

The first line of defense is our project manager. His job is to go over every inch of your exterior remodel with a fine-toothed comb. The reason he’s able to do this so well is because he is a former installer himself.

In fact, that’s the only way to become a project manager at Solid State. You have to prove yourself as an experienced, meticulous, almost obsessive technician to work your way up.

There’s a good reason for that. The project manager has to understand every facet of the work that’s been done on your home.

It’s not enough that your brand-new GAF shingle roof looks great.  It needs to be 100% sealed, leak-proof, and installed by the books.

That’s the ONLY way to ensure you get the full lifespan out of your materials AND the full value of your warranties.

Once he has inspected every nail and checked every seam, we check in with you to see how you feel about your new James Hardie siding, composite deck, or other project.

Walkthrough & YOUR Stamp Of Approval

You’re the homeowner, and what matters most is how YOU feel about the project. Aesthetically, does it match (or hopefully exceed) your expectations?

If so, then we’ve done our job, at least from a visual perspective.

Our project manager will perform a thorough walkthrough with you and show you what they did and why. This is your chance to ask any final questions and provide any additional feedback.

If the finished product looks great, meets our project manager’s standards, AND meets your standards, we say goodbye. But, that’s still not the end.  We have one more phase in the process just to give you peace of mind.

Follow Up With Our Customer Experience Manager

A week or so after your project is complete, our Customer Experience Manager will reach out to you for one more conversation.

This exchange is your chance to discuss not only the material aspects of your project but every single part of your experience.

Was there anything that did not go as planned or created stress and confusion?

Then, please tell our CXM. She is here for you to make sure your time working with us is as smooth and pleasant as possible. She’ll even bring a gift bag along, as an extra thank you for your business.

We are here to be the go-to contractor of Central MA.  We want you to know you are in the most prepared, professional hands from the first consultation to the very end.

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