IdentityDon’t Trust An Amateur To Build A James Hardie Masterpiece

November 24, 2022

Don’t Trust An Amateur To Build You A James
Hardie Masterpiece

Here’s Why Fiber Cement Siding Is NOT For Your Everyday
Central MA Contractor.

There’s no question about it, James Hardie fiber cement siding gives you the most bang for your buck of any siding option available in Central MA. The only issue is it’s REALLY difficult to install correctly and can take two to three times as long to install as vinyl.

If vinyl siding is like putting together a LEGO set, James Hardie siding is like building an exact replica of a fifteenth-century Spanish galleon inside a bottle.

The point is, it’s a lot more challenging, and there are SO many simple mistakes that can downright RUIN what is otherwise the best siding material on the market.

Luckily, our installers are trained professionals in the craft of James Hardie installation by the time they are put to work on one of YOUR homes in the Boston metro area.

In fact, we even have an in-house James Hardie trainer we stole away (with permission) from James Hardie.

That’s right, our installation inspector and trainer Rudi da Silva spent YEARS working directly for the manufacturer, so he knows the material like the back of his hand.

Why Choose James Hardie Siding In The First Place?

Part of our commitment to being the Boston area’s best exterior contractor is our insistence on using only high-quality materials.

When it comes to siding, extensive research and relentless trial and error has led us to one conclusion: James Hardie siding stands out as THE single best siding material for homeowners in Central MA.  It’s made of cellulose fiber and cement, which makes it nearly as hard as brick. It even lasts as long, with both lasting 50 to 60 years or even longer.

With a lifespan THAT long, you get a return on investment that is hard to beat in the world of home remodeling.

James Hardie siding even comes in different styles for different climates, which means that the fiber cement siding we install is specifically designed to hold up against harsh Massachusetts winters.

Long story short, James Hardie siding is THE best siding material for New England. It will hold up to the weather, last for DECADES, and look amazing on nearly any home.

Why Choose Solid State For Your James Hardie Installation?

While most competent contractors can install vinyl siding with a little training, James Hardie fiber cement siding is another story.

One reason for the installation difficulty is that fiber cement is EXTREMELY heavy compared to vinyl.

Vinyl siding can be fastened to your home with ordinary nails, but James Hardie siding requires special notched fasteners to properly adhere each panel of siding to your home. Without them, your siding could fall right off after a year or less.

Flashing is also CRITICAL for James Hardie siding. To be frank, flashing is an important part of keeping your home safe from water damage PERIOD, but with James Hardie, it’s non-negotiable. Unfortunately, far too many contractors out there either don’t know or just choose to cut that corner.

Though not required, we prefer to line your home with an extra layer of water protection and insulation, which your James Hardie siding is placed on top of. This additional step takes a little extra time, but it makes a huge difference in keeping your home protected from water damage and cold weather.

Another thing you should know is that James Hardie doesn’t personally oversee or approve siding installation jobs. It’s great if you find a contractor that is Elite Preferred (we are), and it’s even better if they are in the James Hardie President’s Club (also us).

That said, those awards are based on SALES, and James Hardie doesn’t personally oversee completed siding projects. Even if your contractor has worked with James Hardie siding, it doesn’t mean they are following James Hardie protocol to a T, and there’s really no way to verify that they do.

With Solid State, you get more than just the honor system. We KNOW that we’re installing James Hardie siding correctly because we have one of their former trainers working for us, inspecting job sites, and making sure each and every installer is up to par.

Not only that, but because we make a point of following James Hardie’s EXACT guidelines for siding installation, we ensure YOU get the full value out of your product warranties.

Long story short, you simply won’t get our meticulous installation standards or streamlined process from ANY other exterior contractor in the Boston metro area.

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