Identity5 Ways We Show You The “Royal Treatment”

February 7, 2023

5 Ways We Show Central MA Homes “The Royal Treatment”

Our Respectful Attitude Ensures A Comfortable, Pleasant, No-Stress Installation. 


Let’s just be honest: Some Central MA exterior remodelers don’t respect their customers.

I’m not trying to stir the pot or badmouth other companies. But when you interact with hundreds of homeowners a year, you get a feel for how other contractors do things. And what most homeowners describe isn’t pretty.

You see, we get quite a few calls from people who ask us to fix an installation issue caused by a previous contractor they hired. When these homeowners reach out to us, they typically describe their overall experience with said contractors… and it sounds like a broken record.

Here is what we almost always hear:

  • The salesperson was high-pressure.
  • The company never showed up on time.
  • The installers cut corners.
  • The installers were rude or standoffish.
  • The company left a big ol’ mess behind when the job was done.

So… what the heck is going on here?

It’s simple: These kinds of contractors don’t RESPECT their customers or their customers’ homes.

Think about it. If an exterior remodeler genuinely respected you, would they twist your arm? Would they always show up late? Would they take shortcuts during installation?



And absolutely NO.

At Solid State, We Show You The “Royal Treatment”

Don’t roll your eyes just yet. I know the “your home is your castle” spiel is a done-to-death cliché. Even the ill-mannered contractors I mentioned above will trot out that line if they think it’ll win you over.

But you know what? Sometimes clichés are true! And honestly, the “royal treatment” is the best way to describe how we treat your home, your project, and YOU.

Here are five examples that show how we embrace the “royal treatment”…

#1: We’re “Mr. Rogers” Polite 

The first thing you should know is that we don’t have traditional salespeople (a.k.a. sales gangsters) that you’re used to. Nope. We have Project Consultants. And the difference is night and day.

Our Project Consultants don’t pressure you. They guide you to the right solution.

They don’t play pricing games. They give you an honest quote based on your needs and budget.

And they never, ever make you feel uncomfortable in your own home. They’re the model guest, always showing you the utmost respect and courtesy.

We also have the friendliest, most approachable exterior remodeling installers in New England. They’re the kind of guys who bend over backward to make your experience low-stress and pleasant. They don’t just make your installation experience tolerable… they make it enjoyable!

#2: We’re Punctual & Prepared 

On the day of your installation, we show up on time with ALL the materials we need.

Why is that important? Well, because not all exterior contractors come fully prepared2 for the job. This can cause delays because the crew needs to make extra trips to the office to get supplies they forgot.

By dotting all I’s and crossing all T’s before your installation, we ensure we get it done as efficiently as possible. Complete and total preparation is our calling card!

#3: We’re Persnickety 

When it comes to your installation, we sweat the small stuff. “Measure twice, cut once”? Not good enough. We pour over every single detail to make sure your project is installed to absolute perfection. Period.

For service-specific installation details, check out the following pages:

#4: We’re Neat Freaks 

After installation, we thoroughly clean up the project area. We scour your home for debris. We sweep every square inch of the project area. When necessary, we use magnetic rollers to pick up stray nails. It’s a complete cliché to say, but we really do leave your home cleaner than we found it.

Homeowners consistently rave about how meticulously we clean their homes after we complete the job. But truthfully, we wouldn’t think of doing things any other way. After all… one of the biggest signs of respect is cleaning up after yourself when you’re in someone else’s home.

#5: We’re Thorough

Once we’ve completed your project’s installation, we don’t simply collect the check and say sayonara. We perform a post-installation inspection WITH you to make sure you’re totally satisfied. If you have ANY questions or concerns, we address them right then and there. We want to make certain you’re absolutely, positively thrilled with the results before we leave.

And remember this: Even after we’ve packed up and left, we’re always a phone call away. Reach out to us if you ever have a question or need something. Once you’ve become a Solid State Construction customer, you’ll ALWAYS be a Solid State Construction customer.

Call The Exterior Remodeler Who RESPECTS You

Let’s just be honest: you’re paying good money for a New England contractor to install your siding, roof, windows, or deck. So it’s only right that the contractor you choose shows you the respect you deserve.

We ARE that contractor. And we would be honored to speak to you.

Use our contact page to get in touch with us. Or schedule a virtual consultation with one of our friendly Project Consultants. We can’t wait to show you the “royal treatment.”