IdentityOur Project Consultants

January 9, 2022

Our Project Consultants Are 100x Better Than Our
Competitors’ “Sales Gangsters”

You Shouldn’t Have To Deal With Sleazy, Sales-Obsessed Contractors.
Our Project Consultants Come Prepared With Information, NOT A Sales Pitch.

Too many exterior remodelers out there rely on pushy salespeople (aka “sales gangsters”) who know how to sell and not much else.  We don’t do things that way.  During our consultation, we are NOT trying to “make a sale.”

If your roof is fine, we won’t recommend replacing it, and if your James Hardie fiber cement siding is in ship shape, we’ll tell you.

Our project consultants aren’t there to twist your arm or convince you to spend money.  They’re professionals.  They want you to have accurate information, so you can improve your home in the way that’s best for you.

Why We Decided To Go Against The Grain

Pushy sales tactics and up-selling is not what we’re about, even though it is WAY too common in the home remodeling industry.

So why don’t we give in and do it the way SO many of our competitors do?

Because it leaves the customer feeling ripped off!

MAYBE that works if you want to run off to the next town and do the whole thing again under a DIFFERENT company name, as the sleaziest of contractors do….

But we prefer to do the RIGHT thing, sleep well at night, and make our customers happy, instead.  We’re just odd like that!

We strive for absolute professionalism in every single thing we do, from the consultation to the remodel itself.

And everyone we hire, from project consultant to siding installer, embodies that quality. They’re not like that because we taught them to be, but because we only hire genuinely great people to come work for us.

Our project consultants get all the facts together before they propose a solution.

If a contractor acts like they know exactly what your home needs without assessing it first, you can be sure you’re dealing with a “sales gangster,” desperate to get YOUR money and move on to the next homeowner. They’re not hard to spot, even if they don’t always dress like this:

What To Expect From Your Initial Consultation

While in-home consultations are nice, you don’t have to do it that way.  You can schedule a virtual consultation, saving you the hassle of having to carve out time to meet with us in person.

First, we take some exterior photos of your home, and the rest is handled digitally. Once we have the photos, we have a video conference with you to discuss the specifics of your project.

Our powerful 3-D rendering software allows us to design your remodel virtually before we have to do ANYTHING to your home. In fact, you get to participate in the design process, guiding what your project will look like before any construction work has even begun.

Ultimately, YOU get to decide what your finished remodel will look like, down to the design, materials, and more. And you’ll have access to all of this before anyone even touches a hammer.

That’s not all! Because we take photos of the entire exterior of your home, we can also go over any other issues we might have noticed. Just because we are there to replace your siding doesn’t mean we won’t tell you if we find an issue with your windows, for instance.

We want you to have as much information about your home as possible, whatever we find.

Long Story, Short….

Don’t get talked into buying new siding before you can choose the PERFECT siding for your home and even see how it will look beforehand.

Thanks to modern technology and the awesome people who work for us, you never need to bother with a “sales gangster” again.

With Solid State Construction, YOU have all the information and are in control of your Central MA home remodel…which is exactly the way it should be.

Call us today to schedule a consultation!