IdentityWhen You Talk, We Shut Up & Listen

November 8, 2022

Is Your Exterior Remodeler Talking TO You Or Talking OVER You?

How To Know If A Salesperson Is Truly Listening To You… Or If You’re Going “In One Ear And Out The Other.”


Most remodeling salespeople don’t know how to shut up and listen.
I’ve been in this industry for decades now, and “motormouth” salespeople are a top complaint homeowners have about Central MA exterior contractors.

If you’ve ever gotten a remodeling quote, you probably know what I’m talking about. The salesperson starts off by asking you a few questions. You know, to make it seem like they’re interested in your wants and needs.

But in reality, they’re not truly listening to you.

It doesn’t matter what you tell them. They’ve got their canned spiel planned and rehearsed down to the letter. Typically, this spiel is a carefully plotted sales pitch designed to put the thumbscrews on you.

Being Talked To Vs. Being Talked At

Human beings have great communication instincts. So it’s pretty easy to tell whether a remodeling salesperson is talking to you or at you.

Here are a few tip-offs that a salesperson (a.k.a. Sales Gangster) is more interested in closing the deal than listening to you:

  • They bombard you with a bunch of technical information… while explaining jack squat.
  • They constantly fidget, look around, or “check their notes” when you’re speaking (i.e., lack of eye contact).
  • Their replies to you consist mostly of brush-off responses like “uh huh,” “okay,” and “mm-hmm.”
  • They dominate the conversation so you barely get a word in.
  • When you ask a question, they race through the answer like they’re on a speed date.

There are many more red flags, but you get the idea. If you’re looking for a more in-depth primer on the infamous Sales Gangster, here’s an “anatomy lesson”:

We Have Two Ears And One Mouth For A Reason

At Solid State Construction, our Project Consultants follow a simple philosophy: Listen twice as much as you talk.

Everyone is different. Every exterior remodeling project is unique. So our first goal when you meet us is to REALLY understand where you’re coming from.

It’s why we take a collaborative approach to your project design. We ask pertinent questions about you, your home, and your budget. Based on your answers, we educate you on the best options for your needs… not what’s best for our bottom line.

Our Project Consultants don’t rehearse a canned, pressure-loaded sales pitch. They’re trained to know when to speak—and when to “zip it and listen.” This makes ALL the difference in the world. Not just in terms of your experience… but the overall outcome, too. By taking your needs into account, your Project Consultant will guide you to YOUR perfect solution.

Now Listen Up

A “listen-first” exterior contractor isn’t just good at discovering what you want. They’re also willing to tell you when what you want might not be what you need.

I’ll explain.

When it comes to an exterior remodel, what you want and what you need may not always see eye to eye. This could be due to budget or the style you desire not being fully compatible with your home.

Whatever the reason, your Solid State Project Consultant understands and communicates what will (and will not) work for your situation. And if your dream vision doesn’t completely align with reality, your Project Consultant develops an alternate solution that you’re just as in love with.

The bottom line: Listening is half the equation—HONESTY is the other. An exterior contractor who ticks both boxes is the key to incredible remodeling results that align with your needs, tastes, AND budget.

We Hear You: Remodeling Can Be Stressful

It’s normal to feel stressed or anxious when dealing with a remodeling salesperson. It can be an intimidating experience… especially if that salesperson is aggressive, long-winded, and a “non-listener.”

We get it. That’s why we pour so much effort into training our Project Consultants in the art of proper communication.

Active listening trumps aggressive fast-talk. Education trumps solicitation. And honesty is absolutely, 100% non-negotiable. End. Of. Story.

Our communication philosophy is on display during the job, too. Step by step, you’ll know what’s going on, why, who’s doing it, when, for exactly how much, and what you can expect next. You’re in the loop at all times… just how you’d want to be.

Because at Solid State Construction, everything—and I mean EVERYTHING—revolves around your total, unbridled peace of mind. It’s our mission. It’s our PASSION.

If You’re Ready To Talk, We’re Ready To Listen

Whether you’re raring to get started or just have a few questions, get in touch. Everyone at Solid State is head-over-heels about remodeling… and we’d love to talk TO you—not AT you—about your dream project.