IdentityEvery Pricing Game In The Book

August 21, 2023

From Lowball Offers To Straight Up SCAMS, We Have
Seen Every Pricing Game Around

Here Are Some Of The Most Common Pricing Games
Central MA Contractors Try To Pull.

Getting a quote from an exterior contractor should be simple, right? Well, every Central MA homeowner reading this knows nothing could be further from the truth. Some give quotes that are WAY too high, others offer suspiciously low estimates, and the worst are straight up SCAMMERS out to take your deposit and run.

That’s why we have perfected the art of the perfect quote. We give you estimates that are fair, accurate, and unchanging. While unexpected complications can arise, we make a point of performing a thorough inspection and getting an ACCURATE quote the first time.

Plus, if at the end of the line, you STILL aren’t satisfied, we have our own Love It Or Light It Promise, where you can pay what you think is fair on your final payment.

But first, here are three common pricing games that contractors pull on homeowners throughout Greater Boston.

The Lowball, Foot-In-The-Door Offer

The first scheme to watch out for is the super-low, too-good-to-be-true offer. It usually goes like this:

Contractors will offer roof replacement or some other exterior service for WAY less than what you expected to pay. They offer these ultra-cheap, foot-in-the-door pricing quotes purely to entice you to sign.

It will only be after you’ve signed that you realize that their idea of roof replacement doesn’t include labor…or nails…or shingles.

Well, hopefully it includes the shingles, but the point is they use vague wording in their deals to trick homeowners into signing up for services.

After they have your signature, they inform you–sometimes AFTER the work is done that it’s actually going to cost you far more than you thought.

Homeowners often have little recourse for getting a refund and will just proceed with services, even though they KNOW they’re getting ripped off. In fact, that’s what these contractors are HOPING for.

The “Limited Time Only” Offer

The “Limited Time Only” offer is a shameless tactic used by pushy salesmen. Oftentimes, homeowners will see through this scam right out the gate because it will include statements like this:

“This offer literally ends tomorrow! You will pay HALF of what you will pay next week if you don’t sign up today.”

Sounds like they’re just trying to help you get the most bang for your buck, right?

WRONG!  There is no special offer.  The price they are offering you now is the real price, and they only made up the LTO offer to make it seem less expensive compared to the other, purely hypothetical price.

Don’t fall for it!  An honest siding installer will do their due diligence to determine an accurate price quote.  In our experience, blurting out figures and special offers is a sign of DISHONESTY.

The False Promise

The most extreme example of a “pricing game” we’ve seen is the outright lie. This is where a contractor will get you to sign a contract, take your deposit, and then DISAPPEAR without a trace.

Because most exterior contracting companies in Central MA are LLC’s they can close up shop and skip town without giving you your money back.

This one is also insidious because it is not as easy to spot.  You can’t point to a suspiciously low price or a weird, limited-time deal.

The best way to avoid this scam is to vet your contractors.  If they haven’t been in business long and don’t have a lot of reviews, you might want to avoid them.

It’s not that every little guy is bad.  It’s just that the big guys–like Solid State–are more likely to have a track record to give you Peace Of Mind.

Solid State’s Fair, Accurate Pricing System

At Solid State, we don’t do things like the fly-by-night contractors we talk about in this blog.  We have a streamlined process to ensure a smooth and easy remodeling experience.

Our consultations are not as brief as some of our competitors, and we make a point of thoroughly inspecting your property and asking you about a million questions before we provide a plan and estimate.

This may seem like overkill, but it’s the only way we can ensure you get EXACTLY what you want and expect.

What can we say?  We’re perfectionists, and we want you to have the PERFECT remodel from start to finish.

Schedule A Virtual Consultation With Solid State Today!

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