IdentityMeticulous Project Management Ensures Remodeling PERFECTION

August 25, 2023

We INSIST On Having One Of Our Experienced
Project Managers On EVERY Jobsite

Our Installers Are True Professionals…But Proper Project
Management Is What Ties It All Together

We make a point of hiring the most dedicated technicians we can find in Central MA and training them until they are unstoppable remodeling MACHINES.  Everyone plays their part and the end result is a flawless install and a smooth-sailing remodeling experience.

Still, even when everyone knows what to do, you need one set of eyes to oversee it all and make sure your new roof or siding project stays on course.  At Solid State, our project manager fulfills that role.

Our project managers are detail-oriented but also capable of taking in the big picture.  That’s because they have to be.  They’re responsible for not only making sure that every little detail is right, but also for ensuring the entire project stays on schedule and on budget.

An Expert Among Pros

Solid State has developed a reputation as the meticulous, by-the-book roofing, siding, and exterior contractor that Boston area homeowners can count on no matter what.

While other Central MA contractors will subcontract ANY handyman they can find, we have a rigorous training regimen and screening process to maintain our impeccable standards.

Our James Hardie installers are practically sick of James Hardie by the time we send them out to work on your home, and our project managers are even more knowledgeable.

If our technicians have a “bachelor’s degree” in siding installation, your project manager is like a James Hardie doctor.  Plus, unlike the skilled professionals working under him, he has to understand EVERY aspect of the project–inside and out.

Site Supervisor: The Sidekick Of Siding Installation

On many of our projects, we also assign a site supervisor to work directly with the project manager to make sure everything goes EXACTLY as planned.

You can think of the site supervisor like a second in command to your project manager, and he will be there pretty much constantly.  Between the two of them, troubles are shot, and problems are solved before they’re even on your radar.

We go out of our way to give you peace of mind the ENTIRE time you work with us.  It’s not good enough that the finished remodel is beautiful.  We’re not happy unless you’re truly thrilled and satisfied with your overall experience.

We Prepare, Prepare & OVER-Prepare

We’ll be honest.  Most contractors don’t do half of what we do for our customers.  They don’t plan things out as well as we do, and they certainly don’t have a Solid State-level project manager at every jobsite.

Our idea of preparation is knowing the ins and outs of a project before we get started–before we even provide a quote.  Your remodel should fit together like a puzzle, though it shouldn’t be a brain teaser for YOU.

It’s our job to obsess over your project, so you can heave a sigh of relief.

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