Case StudiesCase Study: A Central MA Home Remodel 100 Years In The Making

August 6, 2021

Case Study: A Central MA Home Remodel 100 Years In The Making

See How We Updated This Century-Old Home For Our Customer.

Emily R. took a chance. Her 100-year-old home needed a lot of work, and she knew next to nothing about getting her home looking right after decades of less than stellar maintenance by previous owners. Luckily, she accepted our bid from Solid State Construction, even though we were a little higher than other Central MA remodelers in the running.

Emily could have saved herself some front-end money by going with a cheaper bid. But she recognized that we’re the company that’s all about VALUE. We get the job done right with the highest quality materials and installation. In other words, we provide the best return on investment for our customers’ dollars.


When we noticed that a previous owner had made a terrible mess of the porch, we worked with Emily to include her porch into the build, even though we had finalized the quote. Once we opened up the porch, the problem was even worse than we imagined—everything was rotting and decaying. 

We took care of all the issues and got her porch squared away in no time and were careful to make it blend with the rest of our work on the home. We even took care of a light fixture that had been quietly rotting away for years.

The end result was a stunning new porch that was as functional as it was beautiful.

Battling The Clock

Between the extra work on her porch, modifying the old window spaces, and dancing with the lovely New England late fall weather, it was a race to stick to our original schedule. 

But if there’s one thing you should know about us, it’s that we can’t stand disappointing our customers.

We made certain to keep her informed when the weather was too rough for us to work safely, and she was always understanding. It took some long weekends and late nights, but we managed to finish in the time we promised Emily. 


We worked with Emily on the design of her exterior siding, trying to honor the home’s history while creating an almost impervious shell with the James Hardie siding. She went with a cedar shake look and used the standard shingles as detail pieces. She was delighted with the result.

We also did some electrical work and replaced her gutters. Again, everything was coordinated and went smoothly throughout the build. A few tweaks with the window dressings finished the job, and her home almost looked like a new build.

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding - Cedar Shake - Central MA

Great Applause

Her neighbors and family stopped by from time to time and, in the end, were amazed by the transformation. Emily went from owning a house that looked very much its age to a home that could have been built yesterday. Emily was so surprised by the result she felt bad that she hadn’t taken more ‘before’ pictures, but she needn’t have worried. We always take a metric ton of ‘before’ images and were happy to share them with her.

If you’d like a similar experience for your remodel in Central Massachusetts, contact us at Solid State Construction for a free consultation.