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August 2, 2022

7 Tips To Prepare For Vinyl Siding Installation
In Central MA

Everything You Need To Know Before Your Project Starts

Getting a vinyl siding installation on your Central MA home can really boost its curb appeal while adding other benefits like energy efficiency. While you are getting ready for your siding to be installed, several things will need to be taken care of. Follow these seven tips to prepare for a successful vinyl siding installation.

1. Trim Your Trees, Grass, And Shrubs

You’ll want to make the process easy on your exterior siding contractor. If you have trees or shrubs that are going to be an inconvenience, either trim or tie them back. This will make it easier for them to remove your old siding and install your new vinyl siding.

Additionally, you will need to trim your grass. After the remodel is over, your contractor is going to perform a thorough cleanup, and shorter grass will make it easier for them to find nails and staples that have been dropped throughout the project.

2. Clear Your Outdoor Area

Items around the exterior of your home can pose a serious inconvenience to your siding contractor. This includes potted plants, lawn furniture, and even your gardening equipment. Before they arrive to start the project, make sure you move all of these items away from the perimeter of your home and consider storing them somewhere, such as the garage.

Moving these items will also protect them from accidental damage. Accidents can happen with all the moving parts of an exterior remodel, so it’s best to be proactive.

3. Prepare The Interior Of Your Home

While the exterior of your home is what’s being remodeled, you may not think of preparing your interior for the project. There is going to be a lot of banging and bumping on the walls that can result in your personal items being knocked off the wall. Artwork and pictures can easily be broken, so you’ll need to take these down before the project gets rolling.

Also, depending on how many vibrations are caused, fragile items may be knocked off tables, so be sure to secure them as well.

4. Keep Your Driveway Clear

You may need to park your car somewhere else for the duration of the project. This will allow the exterior siding contractors easy access to the work area as well as provide them with a place to store the materials and the dumpster.

Not only will parking your car elsewhere help your contractor out, but it will also protect your car from potential damage. Debris from the project can accidentally be dropped or flung at your car, damaging the paint or denting the surface.

5. Keep Pets And Children Out Of The Work Area

While you may not be able to find somewhere for your children and pets to stay for the entirety of the project, you will need to have a plan in place for keeping them well away from the area. Siding installation projects can be dangerous for pets and children, considering the tools being used and the potential for nails and staples to be dropped in the grass.

6. Turn Off Exterior Power

Your siding contractor may request that you turn off the power to your exterior electrical fixtures like your lights. This will keep the installers safe from the risk of electrical shock.

7. Make A Plan To Maintain Good Communication

Good communication is key for any exterior remodeling project. You will want to get to know your project supervisor and exchange contact information. This way, if something goes wrong or you have a question or concern, you know who to turn to and how to reach them.

You will want to find out what time work will begin and end each day as well as what the plans are for weekend hours. Establishing an excellent relationship with your project supervisor and installation crew will ensure that you have the best siding installation project possible.

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