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Wood & Composite Decking For Belmont, MA

Custom Deck Design & Build. We Specialize In Extraordinary!

Solid State Construction (SSC) master craftsmen and our deck installation teams are standing by to build your dream deck in Belmont. Whether your desire is to transform the exterior of a commercial property or a residence, put our expertise to use in the service of elegant decking with beautiful design and practical-artistic expression. 

On this page, you can learn a bit more about our process and what kinds of decking options we represent in terms of both custom and AZEK composite deck collections. 

Why Choose Us For Deck Building In Belmont

At SSC, we aren’t interested in merely crafting an ordinary or beautiful ‘up to code’ deck, but being a part of something amazing. The truth is that far too many people each year are hurt physically and financially by sub-par decking. We represent the best of every aspect of deck building – from the stoutest of the construction to the beauty of the aesthetics. Here’s how…

  • Project Consultants: When you schedule an in-home appointment, you’ll be assigned a Project Consultant. Their job is to inspect the space, gather all necessary data, and provide you with information regarding your options in terms of custom-builds, composite collections, and materials. 
  • Design Development: If you take a moment to browse our deck gallery, you’ll see we’re your dream-deck buildings. We can design anything from the most simple and straightforward cedar deck, or flawlessly install a gorgeous AZEK vintage collection with all the matching accessories. 
  • Professionalism: Our professionalism is our calling card, so expect an easy and pleasant experience from start to finish. One aspect of our company we pride ourselves on is our attention to processes.
  • Budgets & Pricing: You’ll find SSC decking bids are in line with our local Belmont marketplace. Should you get an assortment of quotes, ours will usually be a little above average primarily because of the expertise level of our master craftsmen and the quality of materials we work with. 
  • Construction Administration: From the moment construction begins until it ends, you’ll have complete access to our entire chain of command. Your Project Consultant, Supervisor, craftsmen, and the installation team will be accommodating, great listeners, and willing to do whatever it takes to see that a quality job is done right the first time. 

Replacing Existing Decks In Belmont

One thing to note here is that roughly HALF of the decks we’re asked to tear down are built on footings that don’t go deep enough. They’re too shallow and as a result soil settlement wreaks havoc. We take extra steps — get them well below the MA frostline and use helical piers when necessary — to see that this doesn’t happen to any decks we install. 

Two other common issues we see with sub-par deck work are footings that are too small for our Belmont, MA area and improperly-sized posts. Hence, why our company RELISHES in the finer details of this art exterior remodeling form. 

The Types of Decking We Offer

  • Composite Collections: SSC is MA’s only AZEK Gold contractor, which means we’ve achieved a hard-won status after years of experience. AZEK’s collections are gorgeous and come in Vintage (6 color options), Arbor (8 color options) and Harvest (3 great variations). Why are they so popular? For starters, the 50% recycled material makes them a greener option, their composites are well-treated to resist EVERYTHING natural wood is challenged by (rot, splintering, warping, fading, etc.), and they stay cool. 
  • Wood Decking: While wood decking means a bit more maintenance, some property owners simply will not think of using any other material than all-natural wood. We design and build wood decks with two woods: cedar with a honey-to-light-brown color, and light yellow to dark red mahogany. These are optimal woods for New England. Don’t worry, your wood will be well-coated and treated to go the long haul!

Schedule A Free Deck Consultation In Belmont Today

You have nothing to lose investigating whether SSC is the picture-perfect fit for your decking needs. It only takes a minute of your time either calling us or dropping a line via our Contact Us page. 

You also have nothing to lose sitting down with one of our specialized decking Project Consultants who can walk you through our options, our process, and provide you with a top-quality professional inspection/quote. It’s free and comes with no strings attached. We look forward to hearing from you.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

Solid State Construction is a top-notch company. They redid our deck, and it came out amazing. They were very professional and very respectful of your time and your home. I would recommend Solid State to all my friends and family.

Kim W.