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James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding For Belmont, MA

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Welcome to Solid State Construction (SSC), the most awarded siding contractor in and around Belmont, Massachusetts. How serious are we about siding? We actually built a training center in our warehouse where our siding teams practice the toughest aspects of James Hardie fiber cement siding installations! 

On this page, you can learn a bit more about who we are and how our siding services are set apart from the flock. Afterwards, you can decide whether to schedule a free consultation with one of our siding specialists. 

Our Three Core Siding Options For Belmont, MA

First and foremost, SSC has dedicated siding teams that are well-trained and continuously educated on how to masterfully install the three types of siding we work with… 

  1. James Hardie fiber cement siding. 
  2. Premium high-quality wood siding.
  3. Premium ultra-durable vinyl siding. 

Why We Specialize In Fiber Cement Siding For Belmont

Honestly, fiber cement siding is an artform-worthy building material. Installing vinyl with precision is critical, and custom wood-work is always somewhat of a challenge, but James Hardie siding installations are especially intricate and demanding. This is why so many Massachusetts contractors steer clear of quality fiber cement siding. 

For us, Hardie’s challenging installation and rigid requirements are some of the exact reasons we love working with it! We’re not just geeky — SSC has been chosen for the prestigious James Hardie President’s Club three separate times out of thousands of entries from across the U.S.

Our siding teams live and breathe the stuff. For you, the upsides speak for themselves. Let’s look at the big picture benefits for your home or business.

HZ5: Siding Built for New England’s Climate

James Hardie’s company started small, but today is the top-selling fiber cement brand on earth. 

Obviously, what works well in one region, or one country, isn’t going to perform as well in another. This is why they design and build unique lines of their products for different regions – otherwise known as the HardieZone System. 

Here in New England, we utilize the HZ5 line, which is built to withstand our punishing snow, ice, freeze/thaw cycle, extreme temperature shifts, year-round precipitation, and more.

It’s tough stuff! 

  • The product is 90% sand and cement (vs. plastic or wood), so it’s also non-combustible. 
  • Being five-times thicker than vinyl, fiber cement has the life expectancy of brick. 
  • HZ5 siding can handle everything from hail storms to 140mph winds. 

Low Upkeep With HIGH Curb Appeal

Together, these two parts of your exterior remodeling project — our professional installation and Hardie’s high-quality materials — equates into little to no upkeep for you. Couple that with how great it looks and you’ve got quite the recipe for excellence. 

Not sure how to navigate through the wide world of James Hardie technologies and styling? Your SSC siding Project Consultant knows and understands the medium like sculptors understand clay. 

  • From coast to coast, you’ve seen their HardiePlank Lap Siding — sleek, strong, natural wood textures, inspiring color collections, and more.  
  • HardieShingle siding provides the look and feel of real wooden shingles, without the maintenance or weaknesses of wood.
  • There’s HardiePanel vertical siding for a more rustic or minimalist-style look, and HardieTrim board to ensure well-accentuated corners, columns, friezes, doors, windows and more.
  • Picture-perfect trim and HardieSoffit to reinforce the gaps between eaves and exterior walls for added protection against mother nature.  

Best Siding ROI & Peace Of Mind

No wonder James Hardie fiber cement siding adds DIRECT value to your Belmont property’s bottom line. We could site tons of research and industry studies proving as much, but why not let your Project Consultant lay out everything in black and white in front of you?

Their job is to deeply analyze your property, take all budgeting concerns into consideration, and provide you with not only a quote, but all the information you need to know what your #1, #2, and #3 best options are. 

Schedule Your Free No-Obligation Consultation Today

Contact us today to speak directly with one of our talented Inside Sales Coordinators who can a) answer your initial questions and b) get your basic information and circumstantial data, then b) connect you with the best SSC team according to whether you’re interested in fiber cement, wood, or vinyl.

From there, you’ll be scheduled for a 110% free and no-obligation discovery session with one of our siding specialists. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

Solid State did an awesome job with our siding and replacement windows and doors. The Solid State crew was always punctual, hardworking, and finished the project in a timely manner. All questions and concerns were addressed in a professional manner. The house looks beautiful, and I would highly recommend Solid State.

Lori M.