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We Only Use Products Worthy Of Your Home

When it comes to your windows and doors, you want your Northborough home to not only look great but also be protected from the harsh New England weather. Here at Solid State Construction, we don’t lower our standards for anything, and we spent an extensive amount of time assembling the ultimate window and door collection for our customers.


We’ve worked with every brand of window on the market, and we can tell you which brands are the best and which should be avoided at all costs. What we found was really sad – the norm for windows was subpar energy efficiency, poor overall performance, and underwhelming durability.

The great news is that at Solid State Construction, we’re a bunch of nerds who love getting deep into research to find the best quality products for our customers. We evaluate windows based on deep science concepts like the ability to resist bending as well as rates of expansion and contraction caused by heat.

Only brands that pass our strict quality inspections will be added to our carefully organized product list. Anything that we find to be subpar will never be installed on your home by our crews.


Here at Solid State Construction, we believe a door should be beautiful, provide top-notch security, offer exceptional durability, and be extremely efficient. Because of this, we use only the market’s best brands, including Andersen, Marvin, and ProVia.

To help you make the best choice possible for you and your home, you’ll be paired with a handpicked Project Consultant who will explore all the options with you.

Window And Door Installation

You can buy the best windows or doors on the market, but improper installation will destroy any benefits they offer, leaving you with drafts, leaks, and constantly increasing energy bills.

At Solid State Construction, our installers are the equivalent of installation wizards. They’re extremely well trained, focused on all the little details, and have an amazing level of skills. They are fanatics about getting the job done right the first time without any exceptions.

We can do two types of installations, insert installation or full-frame installation, depending on the needs of your home. With insert-installation, it’s a simple swap out of the old window or door for the new one with no change to the existing frame.

Sometimes, however, a full-frame installation is required where we have to tear out the frame, strip the cavity bare, reconstruct the opening, and install new insulation with flashing. The majority of remodelers in our area only perform insert installations, but we’ll recommend the type that will benefit you the most.

Our People Make The Difference

When we hire new employees, we look for fellow nerds like us. We want to grow our team with more smart, passionate, and positive people like the rest of our team. Because we are so picky, we can fill every position in our company with only the best talent.

You’ll enjoy the experience of having the best of the best working on every phase of your project. We believe the key to every great remodel is the people that stand behind it. That’s why we’re pickier than the average remodeling company in the Northborough area when it comes to hiring.

Our Passion Makes Us Stand Out From The Rest

We’re not like the rest of the remodeling companies in the area, as you can see from the immense level of passion we have for the industry. You’ll notice the difference from the first time you call us when you see how much we truly care about your project.

Our passion is why we

  • Have an extensive and exclusive hiring process
  • Perfected our customer first, customer always process
  • Built special training programs for customer service and installation, so our people achieve peak preparation
  • Exude professionalism during every part of your remodel experience
  • Provide peace of mind before, during, and after your project

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Are you interested in upgrading your doors or windows to a high-quality product that looks great and protects your home from the New England weather? You need the Northborough experts at Solid State Construction!

We only install the highest quality products with the best craftsmanship around. Not only will you have beautiful new doors and windows, but you’ll also have decreased energy bills from the added energy efficiency!

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