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July 11, 2022

What To Expect During Your Roof Replacement Project In Central MA

Put Your Fears To Rest During Your Roof Replacement

Eventually, hundreds of Central MA homeowners each year will need a roof replacement. However, for many homeowners, a roof replacement is the first time they have needed any major project done on the home. If you picture yourself in this scenario, then you probably have tons of questions about how your roof replacement project will go.

A huge part of having your roof replaced is knowing what you should expect, how to prepare, and having your fears put to rest. Through knowledge, you will be more confident about your upcoming roof replacement project.

The Steps You Need To Take To Prepare

Most people do not think about what they need to do to prepare for a roof replacement; however, there are a few things you can do prior to the arrival of your home contractor. Your roof replacement project will go much smoother if you follow these recommendations.

Step 1: Your Attic

If you have an attic in your Central MA home, then you may find it beneficial to take a few extra steps to cover your belongings. Doing this helps you prepare and get ahead of any type of damage from happening.

Is damage going to happen to the items in your attic? Probably not. It is just an added element of safety if all the banging and knocking on your roof ends up vibrating items to the floor or the like.

Step 2: Move Outdoor Obstacles Out Of Range

If you have a grill on your deck, potted plants around your home, patio furniture, or other outdoor items, consider moving them away from your home and store them temporarily in a garage or elsewhere. Relocating items will give your roofing contractor and construction crew the room needed to move freely around the exterior of your home.

Step 3: Watch Your Parking

If you have your cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, or any other vehicle parked near the home, you may need to find another location where these items can be stored safely. 

Consider parking vehicles at your neighbor’s house or on the curb so roofing contractors have all the space they need to install your roof. Moving your vehicles gives the contractor more room and also prevents any damage from happening to said vehicles.

Step 4: Keep Pets And Children Inside

During a roof replacement, you will want to keep your pets and children inside. There is always falling debris, and you do not want to endanger your pets or children, so keep them indoors on roofing day.

What Your Roofing Contractor Will Do To Prepare

On the morning of your roof replacement, your roofing contractor is going to do several tasks to ensure your roof and property are safe. To start, tarps and/or sheeting are utilized around the property to protect items that cannot be moved. 

For example, we may place tarps around the base of the home to catch any nails and shingles which fall, providing protection for bushes/shrubs. 

We may park a temporary dumpster on your property to prepare for the removal of the old roof. We will place the dumpster in a location that is not in anyone’s way, including our crews.

If any type of rotted, wet, or even softwood was found during your roofing consultation, we will bring in the materials to fix the problem.

The Roof Replacement Process

Once everything is prepared on not only your behalf, but ours as well, the roof replacement process begins with the removal of the old roof. What should you expect during the roof removal process?

Expect a lot of noise while the roof is being removed. The noise will mostly be a lot of scraping and people moving on your roof. It can sound quite loud sometimes, depending on what we are doing.

You may also see some shingles or other materials flying off the top of the roof as we toss them down into the dumpster we had delivered. Therefore, you should always stay indoors for your safety!

After the old roof has been removed, now we start any repairs needed to ensure the roof structure is solid. We may add in wood sheets to replace those which are wet or rotted, ensuring the wood sheets are nailed down properly and ready to handle your new asphalt shingles or other roofing material.

We prep the surface of the roof with underlayment meant to protect the roof even more. From there, we install the new roof. Installation may also include any new roofing vents needed and flashing around your chimney.

The time frame for putting on a new roof depends on the size of your roof. But always rest assured we get the roofing project done properly.

Clean-up follows once we have installed your new roof and are ready to be done with the project. 

We take the time to ensure there are no nails left behind (which your tires can easily find), clean up all the trash we have accumulated, and do a last walk-through to ensure nothing is out of place. Our goal is to ensure your property looks just as it did before our arrival, with a new roof on your home.

Never Fear A Roof Replacement

While a roof replacement is not an activity you need to have done every few years to help put your fears to rest, never be afraid to ask your roof contractors about what they will do or any other questions you may have.

Free Roofing Consultation Today

If your roof needs to be replaced, the first step of your project is to get a consultation on your roof from a reputable professional. The initial consultation will diagnose damage that is present on your roof and the replacement options you have.

Contact us today to get your consultation started! Here at Solid State Construction, we are ready to handle your roof replacement project, so call us today at 508-581-3798.