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March 1, 2021

Winters in Central Massachusetts can be quite intense, full of snow, ice, storms, and frigid cold. If your home isn’t winterized, you could find yourself struggling with uncomfortable drafts and even more uncomfortable heating costs. While it’s important to winterize the interior of your home, you should start with the outside. Need help winterizing your home’s exterior? Here’s our complete checklist.


  1. Check for and repair damaged shingles. 
  2. Clean your roof gutters and repair loose gutters. Possibly install gutter guards.
  3. Check your downspouts and clear away any debris in their paths.
  4. Check your roof flashing and nail down anything that’s come loose.
  5. Clear off any moss, algae, mold, or debris.
  6. Trim back nearby trees, giving your roof at least 3 feet of clearance.
  7. Look for signs of water damage in the attic and fortify your attic with more insulation.
  8. Invest in a snow roof rake.
  9. Use a chimney balloon for inactive chimneys to help keep heat in.

Siding and Walls

  1. Repair any damaged siding or replace siding if need be.
  2. Caulk any small holes causing a poor seal.
  3. Do a self-inspection or hire a professional to inspect the siding.
  4. Add insulation to your walls if you notice a draft.

Windows & Doors

  1. Caulk and weatherstrip your windows to seal any potential cracks.
  2. Weatherstrip your doors and install door sweeps.
  3. Place plastic wrap or bubble wrap over your windows to keep cold from escaping.
  4. Replace any cracked window frames.
  5. Install storm windows and doors.
  6. Add window treatments like blackout curtains.
  7. Upgrade old, outdated windows for more energy efficient models.


  1. Bringing your deck furniture inside your garage, sunroom or otherwise.
  2. Move any planters into storage.
  3. Clear off any dirt and debris and trim back any nearby trees.
  4. Wash your deck and then seal it to prepare it for winter precipitation.
  5. Look for and repair any damage to the decking, railing, and supports.
  6. Shovel snow off your deck regularly so it doesn’t linger.

Still need help winterizing your home or replacing any of your home exteriors with something more energy efficient? Contact Solid State Construction today to learn more.