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February 24, 2023

Reasons To Replace Your Burlington, MA, Windows And Siding Together

Combining Your Replacement Windows And Vinyl Siding Projects Saves You Money And More

Any large-scale Burlington, MA, home improvement project can sound daunting, expensive, and overwhelming. Doing two large-scale home projects together might sound ridiculous. However, many homeowners are surprised to learn about the benefits of combining two projects.

Shockingly, replacing your windows and siding at the same time brings you several advantages. Not only will you save money and time, but you’ll find greater energy efficiency, better insulation, and home comfort. The unexpected joys of this combo home improvement project usually far outweigh the cons of doing them separately. 

If you already need both of these projects done or have been thinking of doing them soon, now is the chance to see why replacing your windows and siding together is beneficial.

Save Money

Replacing your windows and siding are two quite expensive home improvement projects individually. Though you’re unlikely to find a buy-one-get-one-free deal on these projects, doing them together can give you a significant discount. Using the same company for both projects saves you money on crew and materials. 

Home improvements are likely to use many of the same installation crew members who can simultaneously work to complete both projects more time-efficiently. The less time a crew is at your house, the better. Plus, your crew will be able to use many of the same materials for both projects, saving them additional costs they’ll pass on to you. 

Save Time

Everyone likes to save time, and doing a window and vinyl replacement together will do just that. Not only will you save money when doing these projects together, but you’ll also save time by using the same crew and materials. You won’t be waiting for new crews to show or specialty subcontractors to come by. 

It’s easier and far faster for a siding and window crew to work simultaneously than to do one project and then wait to start the other. Most window and siding projects require removing or altering one or the other, so doing the whole project together is much quicker and more practical.

Better Energy-Efficiency

Though replacing your windows or your siding will give you better energy efficiency, doing them together will give you superior results. Using the same contractor for both jobs makes it easier for one company to handle insulation and ensure your home is fully protected. 

Replacing your windows and siding has many environmentally-friendly benefits (fewer materials used and less waste), but energy efficiency from your home is the main draw. Making your home energy efficient lowers your carbon footprint and heating and cooling bills.

A dual-window/siding installation will give you a tighter seal around your windows and provide maximum home insulation, keeping you and your family comfortable inside.

Tighter Moisture Barrier

When installing new windows, contractors often have to cut into the siding, ensuring your new window fits perfectly. When you replace your windows and siding together, your contractor can install a proper moisture barrier. A properly installed barrier helps direct moisture away from your home’s structural frame and interior walls. 

This prevents moisture damage and mold from forming in your walls. Plus, your structural integrity will remain intact and not be threatened by rotting wood, insects, or other potential damages. A proper moisture barrier seals and protects your home, keeping you and your family safe from harmful air pollutants.

A More Cohesive Look

One of the biggest benefits of replacing your windows and siding together is the ability to mix and match your home’s color and style. Using the same company allows you to more easily design your home’s exterior to fit your aesthetic. 

Your remodeling company will most likely use siding and window products from the same manufacturer, giving you a greater cohesive flow. Products from the same manufacturer are created to be used together, both logistically and stylistically.

Window and siding replacements always see a high return on investment (ROI) so replacing them together gives you maximum value and greater curb appeal.

Replace Your Windows And Siding Together With A Burlington, MA, Company That Cares

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