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February 20, 2023

5 Factors That May Impact Your Siding Installation In Sudbury, MA

Before Starting Your Exterior Siding Project, Learn What to Expect

Starting a large-scale Sudbury, MA, home improvement, such as siding installation, can be stressful and overwhelming. The installation process takes time, involves a lot of people, patience on the part of you and your household, and is a considerable investment. You want everything to go as smoothly as possible.

To ensure a smooth process, it’s best to learn what to expect in advance and be prepared as well as you can before going in. There are several research methods and a lot to consider, but once prepared, you’ll feel much better before diving into this exciting process!

At Solid State Construction, we want to help our customers feel informed and understand the 5 factors that may impact your siding installation.

1. Which Sudbury, MA, Siding Company You Hire

The most significant factor in determining the outcome of your siding installation is which company you hire to install it. There are a lot of companies to choose from, including big-box stores and local companies. Every contractor has their own process, uses their preferred materials, and uses their skill level to complete the project.

However, finding a highly-trained, technically skilled, and knowledgeable contractor is a must! Along with siding products, the cheapest is not always better. A great contractor isn’t necessarily the cheapest or the most expensive. Research your contractor by reading online customer reviews and asking for references.

Ensure they’re licensed, certified, and insured before hiring them, as these are the bare minimum requirements. It’s also helpful to browse their portfolio and look through their prior work. Photos won’t only inspire you, but they’ll also give you a hint of what to expect in your finished results.

2. Quality Of Products And Materials

A great contractor will want to work with their preferred products, but it’s always a good idea to research products on your own, as well. When searching for quality siding products and manufacturers, look for reliability, durability, and longevity.

You definitely don’t want to install the cheapest siding only to have it start to warp and crack in a couple of years. You’ll spend more on replacement costs and hiring a new installation crew when this happens. Read product reviews from independent sites to understand better how the product truly performs.

It’s also important to know how those siding products perform in your local climate, as different sidings are made for different temperatures and weather conditions. In Sudbury, MA, we need heavy-duty siding to withstand extreme winter temperatures and harsh elements. Fiber cement siding is ideal but requires more finance and attention to install.

3. Local Climate

Your local climate will dictate the performance of products and your installation. Many New England siding contractors shut down in the winter or won’t install siding during this time. It’s understandable based on our temperamental weather conditions, but it makes it challenging to schedule your installation.

Finding a company that works year-round is helpful, as you don’t always know when your old siding will fail. Having to wait till spring to install can lead to more significant issues from leaving damage acquired through the winter unattended to.

Plus, when you work with a great contractor who does work year-round, they probably keep their crew on full-time instead of hiring subcontractors to complete their jobs.

4. Condition Of Your Existing Siding

Though we all want our siding installation process to move as quickly and smoothly as possible, sometimes hiccups occur that might temporarily disrupt the schedule. Until installers remove your old siding, it’s nearly impossible to get the complete picture of what they’re working with.

Repairs for underlying issues are almost always needed, but some are bigger than others and take more time to fix. Addressing underlying issues is always a good thing, though, as you do not want to install new siding on top of a problem. This will only lead to more extensive damage down the road.

If your structural and underlying support is in good condition, your project may move quicker than those needing extra attention.

5. Experience Of Installation Team

An experienced installation team should go hand in hand with a great remodeling company – however, this isn’t always the case. Some remodeling companies specialize in specific fields, so ensure your company has the proper experience in siding itself.

It doesn’t hurt to ask your company how they train their installation team, as this varies greatly by company.

Some sit their employees down at desks for only a week and then put them out in the field, telling customers they’re “trained.” Great installers not only know the technical specs but have actual hands-on experience.

Companies that care require a certain amount of hours on mock installations, giving them the hands-on experience they need before sending them to your house. Plus, passionate installers WANT to learn as much as they can about their craft, gaining as much experience as possible, something your siding will only benefit from.

Solid State Construction Is Passionate About Installing Vinyl Siding In Sudbury, MA

Solid State Construction has provided Sudbury, MA, customers with superior home exterior remodeling since 2006. We only offer the highest-quality siding products, including James Hardie fiber cement siding. We’ve even earned the title of an Elite Preferred Contractor from Hardie, completing over 100 Hardie siding installations a year.

Not only are we highly experienced in siding installation, but we actually care about the satisfaction of our customers. Unlike some of our competitors, we take the time to listen to you and understand fully what you want out of your project, always treating you with kindness and respect.

Contact Solid State Construction today to book a free siding installation consultation, or call us at (508) 841–3928!