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February 28, 2023

The Most Energy-Efficient Siding Types For Your Somerville, MA, Home

Combine Style And Functionality For An Eco-Conscious Siding Installation

You have many options for siding in Somerville, MA, from material and style to dependability and efficiency. Siding is a significant investment, which can make the process feel overwhelming. With environmental friendliness at the top of your priorities, you can still find beautiful and affordable options.

Some siding types may initially seem more eco-conscious than others, but upon closer inspection, they reveal the opposite. It’s crucial to research what’s available and what will work best with your specific home, as this changes based on local weather. With today’s innovative siding technology, you’ll never need to sacrifice style for efficiency.

Energy-efficient siding lessens your home’s carbon footprint tremendously, helping to save the environment and save you money in energy bills. Additionally, energy-efficient siding increases the value of your home and will be a huge point of appeal when you go to sell. You can read about some types of energy-efficient siding below.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is one of the market’s most energy-efficient sidings today. This is especially true in our Somerville, MA, climate, as fiber cement siding is built to withstand extreme temperatures, year-round precipitation, and maximum stability. It’s five times thicker than regular vinyl siding, creating an insulated barrier between the interior and exterior.

This keeps your home safe against the outside elements and helps keep your home’s temperature regulated. When installed correctly, fiber cement siding properly insulates your home, helping to keep the inside cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Other sidings may start to receive damage against the elements over time, letting windy drafts into your home and failing to protect the inside temperature. With fiber cement siding, you’ll see lower energy bills and less use of your HVAC system, keeping it in good working order.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has long been the go-to choice for many homeowners nationwide. It’s reliable, effective, and affordable. However, it has gotten a bad rap over the years, sometimes considered weak or flimsy. Vinyl siding technology has come a long way, giving homeowners a much higher quality product than in years past.

Vinyl siding is dependably energy efficient and is built to withstand harsh New England weather. Of course, the manufacturer of your vinyl siding will determine the quality of your siding, so a bit of research may be required. The right siding company will only offer the best of the best and never sell you inferior vinyl siding they know will warp, crack, and start to break down quickly.

Vinyl siding is so energy efficient that it has an R-value of up to 4, which is one of the best values possible, showing how well it resists heat flow. This keeps your home regulated and makes vinyl siding an excellent option for homeowners in colder climates.

Wood Siding

There are different types of wood siding, and some are more energy efficient than others, but overall, wood is a great choice for siding. Cedar is a classic choice for many siding installation companies, as it provides beauty and dependability.

Wood is a natural insulator, making it one of New England’s oldest and most timeless siding materials. Though wood siding may require more maintenance than others, it remains a popular siding choice because of its aesthetic and reliability.

However, properly installing your wood siding is critical to ensure you get maximum energy efficiency out of your siding. Poor-quality wood can start to warp and crack, exposing your home to outside elements and fluctuating temperatures. When good quality wood siding is installed to perfection, you’ll see significant benefits, including greater comfort and lower energy bills.

Why Your Siding Installation Company Matters

Siding is only as good as its installation. The finest, most energy-efficient siding on paper may only function properly if installed correctly. Finding a reputable and skilled installation company is paramount to ensure you receive the full benefits.

For example, if you choose wood siding, ensure your company uses solid wood pieces instead of finger-jointed siding. Finger-jointed combines scrap pieces of wood together for a cheaper cost. However, it often expands and contracts based on the outdoor temperature, causing separation and leaving your home exposed to the elements.

Similarly, fiber cement siding must be perfectly installed and is challenging to master, as it requires finesse and detailed attention. The right company can deliver a terrific fiber cement siding installation, leaving no room for error. This allows you to enjoy the energy-efficient advantages of the product fully.

Solid State Construction Offers Quality Energy-Efficient
Siding With Detailed Somerville, MA, Installations

We take Somerville, MA, siding seriously at Solid State Construction, offering only the highest quality and energy-efficient products. Our James Hardie fiber cement siding is specifically built to withstand our harsh New England winters, standing up to driving rains, snowstorms, and freezing temperatures.

Plus, Solid State Construction is certified by James Hardie to install their products, which is a difficult feat to conquer. We’re the only contractor in the area to be welcomed into the James Hardie President’s Club, something we’re pretty proud of! Plus, our quality products come with solid warranties, giving you complete peace of mind.

Our trusted company has been installing siding since 2006, so contact us today to book a free siding installation consultation.