IdentityWhy James Hardie Is The ONLY Siding Manufacturer I Recommend In Central MA

March 27, 2023

Why James Hardie Is The ONLY Siding I Recommend To The Central MA Homeowners I Speak With

For Longevity, Durability, & Environmental Impact, James Hardie Is MILES Ahead Of The Siding Competition.

By Jeff Brooks, Owner

It’s no big secret that we LOVE James Hardie siding here at Solid State Construction. Don’t get me wrong, if you have your heart set on wood or vinyl siding, we are happy to install it for you…BUT you’ll never hear me recommend it as my top choice. James Hardie is just too perfect for Central MA homes.

It lasts (practically) forever, it looks EXACTLY like wood siding, and it’s also the most eco-friendly siding material available in the greater Boston area.

Unless you have a good reason for wanting to go an alternative route with your siding, we’re going to recommend our favorite manufacturer: James Hardie. Did we already mention that?

The Longest Lifespan Of Any Siding Material On The Market

James Hardie siding lasts a VERY long time – multiple decades long. In fact, James Hardie siding can last 50 to 60 years or even longer. The only other exterior material that’s comparable to that is brick.

Why does James Hardie siding last so much longer than other options, such as vinyl and wood siding?

A lot of it has to do with the proprietary blend of cellulose fibers, sand, and Portland cement that comprise each and every panel of James Hardie siding.

By staying open to innovation and allowing the exact makeup to evolve over the years, James Hardie has remained on the cutting edge of siding manufacturing – and always ahead of the fiber cement knock-offs that have shown up in their wake.

They also back their elite siding products with a 30-year non-prorated warranty, giving you three full decades of peace of mind.

The Most Sustainable Siding Material In Central MA

James Hardie siding can also claim the title of most sustainable siding material on the market. It is made from Portland cement and natural cellulose fibers, which means very little waste is produced. Not only that, James Hardie manufactures its siding at strategic locations to minimize transportation time.

As for how it’s manufactured, James Hardie no longer uses coal in the production of their siding products.

Last but not least, James Hardie siding is less wasteful than vinyl or aluminum siding because it lasts SO much longer. Homeowners with vinyl siding have to replace it twice as often as ones who go with James Hardie, and the production of vinyl is WAY less eco-friendly.

James Hardie Is Ultra-Versatile And Looks Great On Any Home

James Hardie comes in a variety of styles and can PRECISELY mimic the look of pretty much any other siding material you can think of. Whether you like a cedar shake look, a more traditional lap siding, or something completely different, James Hardie has something for you – something that will last WAY longer than the original.

Plus, because of James Hardie’s patented ColorPlus coating, you can get vivid long-lasting color for your siding without having to paint it. It’s just one more way James Hardie siding makes your life easier and your home more beautiful.

The only catch to James Hardie is that it is tricky to install. Anyone but a highly skilled installer who has mastered the James Hardie handbook will BUTCHER the install and leave your siding looking worse than when they came.

That’s why we take the handbook SO seriously, and we even have our own former James Hardie insider, Rudi Da Silva, to train each and every technician that we set to work on your home.

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