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Solid State Construction Always Delivers Unmatched Quality, Robust Options & Excellent Service.

Solid State Construction (SSC) is your go-to choice for an incredible, interesting, reliable, and extraordinary deck made with the industry’s best materials. One thing is for sure: We DON’T do average or ordinary decks for our Andover homeowners.

Our all-star and award-winning team of engineers, designers, and master craftsmen deliver custom projects and precision installs of wood or composite collections from the best of the best manufacturers in the decking industry.

Composite & Wood Decking In Andover

We specialize in both composite and wood decking, so you’ll have tons of exceptional ways to express yourself and improve your property. Our decks are suitable for both moderate and large budgets – we work with what works for you!

Let’s take a look at each of these two core decking options and briefly go through their benefits. 

Composite Decking In Andover

Composite decks are made with a blend of real wooden fibers and recycled PVC; engineered to last longer than wood and provide the aesthetics of wood without any of its weaknesses or maintenance requirements. 

  • With composite decking, you have an immense amount of color choices, unique variegation styles, and natural-looking woodgrain patterns to match or complement your property.
  • Composite provides all the durability wood can’t — protected against rotting, cracking, warping, scratching, staining, fading, or getting moldy and moist (which can lead to water damage).  
  • It stays cooler in the warmer months for more comfort, and owners can relish knowing they’re greener and more sustainable deck is made with up to 50% recycled materials.
  • SSC is more than qualified to handle your composite deck project. We install AZEK’s core collection: Vintage (six color options), Arbor (eight color options), and Harvest (three color options).

Wood Decking In Andover

If you’d prefer real genuine wood decking, SSC has you covered. We’ve been installing wooden decks for many moons now and understand the differences depending on whether you opt for cedar, mahogany, or another wood.

  • Cedar Decking: Ranges from honey-colored to light brown. Extremely durable and naturally resistant to rot, insects, and moisture absorption. Plus, it’s gorgeous! It’s also a versatile wood that’s considered more environmentally-friendly and affordable. 
  • Mahogany: Ranges from light yellow to dark reds. Another strong and durable wood with natural protection against warping, shrinking, swelling and twisting – an excellent choice for outdoor decks. Also attractive in its own right (a tight grain that’s knot-free), the wood is fade-resistant as well and we’ll be sure to treat it for extra longevity. 

Choose SSC for ‘Far Above Code’ Deck Installation Precision

Where SSC sets ourselves apart from the many other deck building companies in Andover is that we go FAR BEYOND ‘up to code’ construction standards. The bare minimum isn’t anywhere near good enough for us

Let’s look at a few of the many ways we ensure the decks we build and install are exceptionally safe and well-done… 

  • Superior Footings: Because these are your deck’s foundation, we take them much more seriously, ensuring they’re big enough for extra stability and they go deep enough to avoid our Boston area frostline. We’re also going to take steps to minimize any chance for settling or shifting by using j-bolts and helical metal piers whenever possible. 
  • Stronger Posts: These are the legs of your deck and unfortunately the #1 place where less experienced builders get it wrong. We typically utilize 6” x 6” pressure treated ground-contact-rated posts with a minimum of four heavy-duty galvanized bolts per post for extra support. We don’t want your deck to budge even the slightest bit during harsh weather.  
  • AZEK Gold: It’s absolutely true that AZEK decking is among the most popular in the nation, but here in New England, SSC is Central MA’s only AZEK Gold Contractor. This means we’ve consistently passed their extremely rigid Gold Contractor installation and product specifications. 

Book A Free Deck Consultation & Quote In Andover

You can choose the best materials and the most modernized and extravagant deck known to humankind, but without a quality installer you’re throwing around a third to half of your investment down the proverbial tube. 

Contact SSC today and we’ll have one of our decking specialists visit your property and provide you with a complete (and extremely informative) breakdown of what your best options are within your budget. We would be honored to hear from you.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

Solid State Construction is a top-notch company. They redid our deck, and it came out amazing. They were very professional and very respectful of your time and your home. I would recommend Solid State to all my friends and family.

Kin W.