IdentityEXTREME Siding Installation Training In Central MA

May 26, 2023

Our James Hardie Installation “Bootcamp”
In Central MA

Why We Are Downright EXTREME
About Our James Hardie Training.

We are SERIOUS about James Hardie siding here at Solid State.  “Obsessed” is a strong word…but it’s also accurateJames Hardie fiber cement siding is an excellent material, and we LOVE installing it on homes throughout Central MA.

That’s why we form our installers into well-oiled James Hardie installation MACHINES before they set foot on an actual job site.

This may seem like overkill…but James Hardie siding’s one weakness is that it’s no easy feat to install.

Even experienced vinyl siding installers wind up WAY over their heads when they try to tackle James Hardie without the proper training.

At Solid State, we refuse to let that happen, so we don’t let our techs loose on any siding installation projects until they are good and ready.

Our Intensive James Hardie Training Regimen

Legally speaking, our training facility is not a “bootcamp,” but it might as well be. Installers who make it through our James Hardie training come out seasoned pros.


Well, we have three secret (or not so secret) weapons that give us the edge:

  1. We hired a former James Hardie insider to be our Installation Inspector & Trainer (IIT).  He knows more about James Hardie and how to install it than anyone we know, and his passion for James Hardie training borders on the extreme.  If Rudi signs off that an installer is ready, they are.
  2. We have an in-house house where our installers can practice installing and uninstalling James Hardie siding until they get it absolutely, unequivocally right.  It is made of the exact same materials as a real Central MA home, but since no one lives in it, mistakes are allowed.
  3. This one may seem obvious, but we have the James Hardie Siding Installation Manual.  Following the manufacturer’s standards to an absolute T is maybe the simplest way we ensure installation success.  Most other siding contractors are either too careless or simply ignorant, but we SWEAR by the James Hardie rulebook.

Exceptional Results Achieved The Old-Fashioned Way

We wish we could say that we’re genius mavericks who developed the perfect James Hardie installation system. The truth is, simple hard work, following instructions, and taking the time to do things CORRECTLY is our secret recipe for success.

Anyone COULD do it, but, unfortunately, you won’t find many other contractors in Central MA who WILL.

Most of them fly by the seat of their pants and leave planning and procedure by the wayside. They are more focused on collecting your deposit and moving onto the next sale than they are with devoting the necessary time and effort into YOUR project.

That’s why our real advantage is in our preparation.  We show up to your home over-prepared, and our installers are more experienced than most project managers.

So…if practice makes perfect, then our siding installation is as perfect as it gets.

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