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Professional Residential Roof Replacement In Andover, MA

Asphalt, Rubber & Metal Roof Installations From A GAF Master Elite Roofer.

Solid State Construction (SSC) is one of the Andover’s largest companies for roof replacement. This means a number of perks for you that many less experienced contractors try to make up for with rock-bottom pricing (not to mention low quality roofing practices and materials). 

We might not be your cheapest option, because whether we’re building a gorgeous deck, adding new windows and doors to your home, dramatically upgrading your siding, or installing a high-performance GAF roofing system, we’re professional, attentive to every detail, and reliable without compromise.

To learn more about our roofing services, keep reading. 

GAF Asphalt Roofing For Andover, MA

A big reason we’ve grown as a company so quickly is our focus on the country’s top-performing brands. For asphalt roofing, we specialize in GAF because their Lifetime Roofing Systems are the total package of protection, durability, efficiency, and aesthetic quality — far more than a series of pretty-looking shingles. 

Paramount Leak Protection

We ensure every roofing system we install has MORE than adequate leak protection. All parts of your roof are susceptible, and leaks come about for a variety of reasons. Here in New England, we deal with pretty serious ice dams, powerful rainy weather systems, and of course clogged-gutter-syndrome. 

Added Roof Deck Protection

As a second layer of moisture protection, we’re proud to leverage GAF’s Deck-Armor line of UV-stabilized polypropylene underlayment with the ability to withstand the harshest Andover, MA wind-driven rains. Deck Armor is designed to effectively reduce damaging moisture impacting your roof deck by over 50%! Add to this the fact it’s highly resistant to rot and wear and tear, and you’ve got yourself true peace of mind. 

Starter Strip & Architectural Shingles

Shingle quality really matters. Many contractors will, of course, opt for low-quality shingles so they walk away with more money, but that’s simply not our way at SSC. We use cutting-edge shingles for ultimate long-term performance and the biggest ROI possible for you. This means authentic starter strip shingles and architectural shingles with powerful adhesive qualities and extreme durability. 

Addressing Your Attic

For any roof replacement project, our technicians will take special care to address any attic ventilation issues. Each home is a little different in terms of ventilation needs, so our Master Elite Roofers will take these specifications into account when designing your roofing system — the process is meticulous, science-based, and includes a professional inspection.  

Clean Hip & Ridge Caps

We use GAF’s authentic hip and ridge cap shingles for the cleanest possible look that’ll last and stand the test of time… and provide the needed extra protection for these more vulnerable areas of your roofing system. 

Rubber & Metal Roofing In Andover, MA

SSC is also extremely qualified to install both superior metal roofing systems and flawless rubber roofing in the Andover area.

Ultra-Durable Metal Roofing

With a lifespan lasting 60+ years, for most homeowners a metal roof (made with anywhere from 30% to 60% recycled material) is the last roof they’ll ever need — with minimal maintenance requirements, hard-to-beat durability, amazing energy efficiency, ice-dam protection, and gorgeous styles. We also provide coatings to eliminate rust potential and add more protection. 

Commercial Rubber Roofing

Impervious to UV rays, easy to repair, impeccable moisture resistance, ultra-durable against tough weather, and near-zero chance of leaks, rubber roofing has a number of benefits perfectly-suited for flat commercial buildings or buildings with low-sloped roofs. 

Get A Free Roof Replacement Quote In Andover

Regardless of the type of roofing system you choose, one of the most important decisions that determine ROI is who installs it. Don’t put your roof into the hands of low-quality, less skilled, and inexperienced contractors when SSC is a phone call away.  

  • Over-Qualified Roofers: Every team member involved in your project is exceptionally well-trained, educated, and professional, but your roofing team will actually be over-qualified. They not only know what they’re doing, but they’re also specialists backed by the best materials and squeaky-clean processes for your peace of mind. 
  • Financial Stability & Coverage: From ample warranty coverage on multiple fronts to financing options and our own staying power, with SSC you KNOW you’re covered. 
  • 14+ Years of Reputation: Deck by deck, roof by roof, siding project by siding project, we’ve built our family-owned and independent exterior remodeling company from the ground up to become a respected award-winning brand in our industry. 

We have expert Project Consultants on standby waiting to help you with your roofing needs. Contact us today and take advantage of our educational in-home roof consultation and quote.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

We would highly recommend Solid State Construction. They did a thorough review of our roof, explained our options to overcome a lack of any venting, and gave us an estimate that day. They took off the old roof, put in ridge, edge, vents, and put on the new roof all in one day. They also did a good clean up afterwards. We love the roof color and the job they did.

Greg L.