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Roof Replacement Services In Brookline, MA

Professional Asphalt, Metal & Rubber Roofing Solutions. Period.

Solid State Construction (SSC) is one of New England’s largest independent and most reliable roof replacement companies in Brookline, MA and surrounding areas. 

Sure, around Boston you’ve got a ton of choices when it comes to roofing contractors. But how many have a 99% customer satisfaction rating? How many deploy specialized roofing teams all year, highly-trained in working with certain premium systems? You owe it to yourself and your property to learn a little more about our roofing replacement services. 

Why We Focus On GAF Asphalt Roof Replacement In Brookline

Because you want far more than just a bunch of nice-looking shingles on your home, GAF roofing systems deliver a comprehensive package of durability, long-term performance, and outstanding coverage. Layer by layer, with every part of a safe and secure roof addressed, your system will be the perfect marriage of features and aesthetics. 

  • Extra Leak Protection: It’s absolutely paramount that New England homes have extra leak protection with the sheer amount of moisture (snow, ice, and rain) we deal with annually. GAF roofing systems add fiberglass reinforcement and other leak barriers less-qualified roofing solutions don’t. 
  • Extra Roof Deck Protection: GAF offers several products, including their often-recommended Deck-Armor line with its UV-stabilized polypropylene underlayment to withstand the harshest wind-driven rains.
  • World-Class Shingles: From authentic starter strip shingles with DuraGrip (which outperform the typical cut up three-tab shingles) to powerful architectural shingles, to your critical hip and ridge gap shingles, we work with the best! 
  • Attic Ventilation: Because your property’s attic has a profound impact on all parts of your roof, you’ll find we give it special attention during your roofing replacement. Each property has slightly different needs, and, as a Master Elite roofer, we can incorporate GAF’s line of ventilation solutions. 

Let’s not forget about GAFs Golden Pledge Warranty — the strongest in the industry — which provides 50 years of non-prorated protection on materials and 25 years of non-prorated installation coverage. 

Metal & Rubber Roofing Solutions For Brookline

GAF asphalt installations are our bread and butter, but we do love unique metal and rubber roofing projects as well. 

  • Metal Roofing: It’s a fact — metal roofing can be just as stylish, bold, and feature-packed as asphalt. Your premium metal roofing tiles, for example, last 50 to 60 years and can handle almost anything Mother Nature dishes out. In terms of efficiency, the largely recycled metal will have a reflective solar coating to save you tons on energy costs. 
  • Rubber Roofing: Chances are, somewhere close by where you are now is a low-sloped or flat roof with rubber roofing on top. It often looks like blacktop. Most often used for commercial properties, we provide access to quality recycled rubber and flawless installations. 

Schedule A Free Quote For Roof Replacement In Brookline

If you’re interested in any of these roofing solutions — GAF asphalt, metal, or rubber — you owe it to yourself to speak with one of our specialists. SSC doesn’t believe in pushy sales or marketing — we believe in educating you. Contact Us today and speak to a friendly Inside Sales Coordinator.  

They’ll get your basic information and schedule you for a meeting with a roofing Project Consultant. Their job is to inspect, gather information, educate you on the benefits of all the options we can provide, and give you a competitive quote. It’s all free… and delivered to you without obligation or strings attached. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

Solid State Construction arrived on time and completed the roof on time. The exterior perimeter was thoroughly cleaned, and the men working were all very nice. The roof looks great! Thank you.

Deborah F.