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Solid State Construction (SSC) — what started out as a small operation has grown into one of the largest independent exterior remodeling companies in Massachusetts. If you’re online searching for a siding installation contractor in Concord with all the accolades, awards, and recognition to secure your peace of mind, you’ve arrived!

On this page, we’ll quickly go through the core advantages of getting new professional siding systems installed, and just a sprinkling of the advantages of working with SSC to get it done. 

Advantages Siding Installation In Concord

  • Adding Direct Property Value: James Hardie siding return on investment around the Concord area can be as high as 80%, meaning 80 cents of every dollar goes directly to the bottom line resale value of the property.
  • Increasing Structural Protection: New siding is a structural shield, especially fiber cement engineered specifically by James Hardie for our New England climate. It means protection against wind, excessive moisture, freezing temps, animals, snow, fire, degradation, rot, and much more. Old, low quality or damaged siding can be disastrous for any kind of building, residential or otherwise. 
  • Improving Energy Efficiency: Siding is a part of your property’s energy system, along with roofing, attic insulation, windows, and doors.
  • Less Maintenance, More Peace Of Mind: With James Hardie fiber cement siding, you l won’t have to worry about continuous scraping, staining, and repainting. Professional SSC siding installs mean almost zero maintenance and much more peace of mind.

A siding upgrade is a great idea, one most property owners are inspired to pursue eventually. After the decision’s been made though, you begin wondering who to choose. There are so many different contractors in Massachusetts, why should you choose us?

So glad you asked…

Why Us For Your Concord Siding Installation

Let’s turn our attention now to perhaps your most burning question: is SSC the right contractor to suit your needs? We can’t say for certain we are, but here are four of the basics you can count on. 

  • The Legalities & Warranties: With SSC, you know you’re covered three ways from Sunday — materials, labor, installation, general coverage, the works. You know you’re working with a fully-licensed, insured, prepared and competent contractor. One who abides by all Massachusetts laws and building codes.  
  • Expert Consultation: Our siding Project Consultants are honest-to-goodness specialists in siding. They aren’t sales associates. They aren’t schooled in the art of sales or roofing. SSC siding consultants provide deep insight and valuable information regarding your specific property, budget, and siding options. From there, they can help guide you through styling as well, and into the installation phase.
  • Industry-Leading Materials: This part’s simple — whether we’re working with natural wood, high-quality vinyl, or James Hardie fiber cement, you know you’re getting the best materials the siding industry has to offer. We’ll prove it. You can rest assured we won’t cut corners or opt for low-quality materials to cushion our margins. Our professionalism and commitment to this principle is non-negotiable. 
  • Outstanding Workmanship: We’re proud of the fact that we’re diehard siding eggheads. In fact, we’ve built our own fiber cement installation training facility in our main warehouse! This dedication led us to be the first and only contractor in New England (so far) to be included in the James Hardy President’s Club not once, but three times. We do siding right… period. 

All this being said, are you wondering about the expense of working with SSC compared to other companies at your disposal? Generally speaking, our bids will be slightly above, but in-line with, your other bids from Concord, MA area contractors. We only do premium work with premium materials.  

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What Our Customers Are Saying…

After living in our house for over 20 years, the original vinyl siding was really looking its age. We ended up choosing the Hardie siding, and we are glad we did. Not only does it look good, but you can also tell that it is much more durable than vinyl. [Owner] Jeff is very professional and you can tell he cares for his company by standing behind his work and making sure his clients are completely satisfied.

Robert M.