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Does your Lincoln, MA property need new siding to dramatically boost curb appeal and its ability to protect your investment? Do you already know the exact kind of siding you would like, or could you use a little help in the overall design phase? We can help!

Solid State Construction (SSC) is a family-owned exterior remodeling company serving Lincoln and the Greater Boston area. Our siding crews are insanely well-trained, seasoned, and distinguished when it comes to fiber cement (chosen three times for the James Hardie President’s Club).  

On this page, you can learn a bit more about our siding services, then if you like what you’re reading you can contact us and get the ball rolling.

Your #1 Choice for James Hardie Siding In Lincoln

At the end of the day, fiber cement siding is most popularly liked because it replicates the look of natural wood siding (we’re talking mirror-image) while eliminating all the wood-related maintenance — sanding, scraping, staining, painting, etc.

What is it? The material is basically cement and sand reinforced and with cellulose fiber, so, unlike wood, it won’t rot as long as it’s properly installed. Let’s look at a few other reasons why we have a company of dedicated teams who do nothing but Hardie fiber siding installations year-round. 

  • New England weather is nothing to mess with. Thankfully Hardie specially designs different lines of their siding for different regions. So, for example, you don’t have to worry about it becoming brittle in the cold wintery months, or cracking from high wind exposure. 
  • While labor and installation time will raise the overall costs of your project, our impeccable attention to detail and our sheer expertise with James Hardie systems ensures ultimate durability and long-lasting benefits.
  • When it comes to styles, colors, and aesthetics, James Hardie is incredible. You’ve got such design potential…it’s why we’ve gone above and beyond training our siding Project Consultants. 

Honestly, if you’ve never considered fiber cement siding for your Lincoln, MA property before, you should give us a call and have us walk you through it for free. Then, should you decide it’s the way to go, you’ll have the area’s #1 installers already standing by.  

Wood & Vinyl Siding For Lincoln

Alongside our fiber cement siding teams are teams who specialize in the other two big materials — wood and vinyl. These are both VERY different from Hardie systems with their own benefits and challenges. 

  • Wood Siding: Gorgeous. Charming. Classic. Wood siding (we work with cedar) is perfectly suited for our New England architecture, but wood system installation is as complex and demanding as fiber cement. Also, with it comes wood-siding-related maintenance. As long as that’s not an issue, we’re happy to wrap your property in the nicest wood siding you’ve ever seen. 
  • Vinyl Siding: If high-quality, performance-driven vinyl siding is better suited for your situation, well then, that’s what we’ll install. Our goal with vinyl is to ensure the material is above board, then from there to go well beyond the call of duty on installation so you get the absolute most value out of each dollar invested. 

Get A Free Siding Quote In Lincoln

Contact us today to speak with one of our ultra-friendly and knowledgeable Inside Sales Coordinators. They can answer initial questions, address concerns, and book your free no-obligation meeting with an SSC siding Project Consultant. 

Our consultants aren’t your stereotypical sales gangsters. In fact, our ‘sales’ process is 110% based on educating you. Honestly. Genuinely. Showing you your options in a pleasant, informative, and relaxed way. Plus, you get a professional inspection with all the trimmings (forgive the pun!).

We look forward to hearing from you.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

Because I knew next to nothing about the process of re-siding a very old house, I appreciated the information, time and handholding given me by Solid State Construction. They did a thorough and professional job of examining my property, explained everything, and presented to me a detailed estimate and contract. There were no surprises. The work went off without a hitch and looks wonderful. I am very relieved and happy!

Natalie M.