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Adding or replacing any siding on your Somerville, MA, house is a big deal – it’s a project that takes time and money to do right, which is why using an experienced and reputable contractor is essential. Poor installation can cost you more in the long run with repairs and premature replacements.

We want to remove these added stressors at Solid State Construction by providing the best siding products installed by the most skilled and knowledgeable installers. Doing things right the first time lessens the agony of your home improvement project and gets your home back up and working in no time.

So, what siding products do we offer? And, more importantly, why should you choose us?

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

We’ve spent years researching and testing products because we only want the best for our customers. That’s why we choose Hardie fiber cement siding for our installations.

Fiber cement has it all – durability, longevity, and style. Not only is James Hardie siding incredibly reliable, but it’s made specifically for our Somerville, MA, climate.

That’s right – our HZ5 Hardie siding can withstand the most brutal winter weather, including snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. Hardie siding not only holds up against our harsh climate, but it is also tough against fire and extreme heat – making it one of the best sidings on the market.

Besides the security and safety Hardie siding provides, you’ll also see a high investment return when installing fiber cement siding. It holds its value so well that it’s been ranked the best home remodeling project by Remodeling magazine for ten years.

Vinyl Siding

It’s hard to find excellent vinyl siding in Somerville, MA. Not many brands can live up to the harsh elements we receive, and they begin to break down quickly or, even worse, lead to water damage and other underlying structural issues.

Thankfully, we’ve done a lot of research on vinyl siding and have found the most reliable vinyl siding products, ensuring your home stays protected and safe. When you reach out to us, we connect you with a project consultant who will listen to your needs, assess your situation, and help you determine if vinyl siding is right for your home.

Like with our other siding installations, you’ll only receive the highest quality standard for our vinyl siding products.

Wood Siding

Many homeowners forget wood or cedar siding when researching their options, but it has many wonderful benefits for Sommerville, MA, homes. Its main draw is its aesthetic – it’s simply timeless and beautiful.

In addition to looking beautiful, cedar siding has what it takes to stand up against our winter weather. It’s a viable option for keeping your home comfortable and stylish all year.

Unlike other wood siding contractors in our area, we never use finger-jointed cedar siding, combining smaller pieces of cedar from multiple sources. This method is inexpensive but prone to break apart and deteriorate much quicker than solid wood pieces.

As the biggest exterior home remodeling company in New England, we have our own carpentry staff to ensure your cedar siding gets cut by professionals. Making wood siding takes an expert skill level and a watchful eye to create a quality product.

Our Perfected Siding Installations

We admit it – installing James Hardie siding is difficult. It requires patience, finesse, and experience to get it right the first time. However, we’re proud to say that we can, and we do get it right the first time.

After building a Hardie training center, which we lovingly named the “Batcave,” we started training our installers on mock houses, ensuring they had mastered their skills before even attempting to touch your home. At our training center, our installers can sharpen their skills and learn new techniques, growing their skillset.

All our installation training hasn’t been in vain, as we’ve been selected as New England’s only members of the James Hardie President’s Club. As members of this elite club, of which only 1% of siding contractors are members, our installations, sales, and growth have all been tested, tried, and passed.

Our Six P’s

Our products and installations may be out of this world, but our six P’s make us truly unique. We don’t just hire anyone at Solid State Construction – we only hire the best people because that’s who you deserve to have working on your projects.

In addition to our people, we’ve mastered the art of the siding installation process. From start to finish, we’ve streamlined our workflow to make it as smooth as possible for our customers.

We know preparation makes a massive difference in the outcome, so we work through the ins and outs before even starting.

Our passion is evident, not only in our stellar results but also in how we treat our customers. Professionalism means everything –  you’ll find nothing but respect from our team.

Lastly, we always leave our customers with complete peace of mind, knowing they’ve received the highest quality products with impeccable installations so they can rest easy in their new comfort and safety.

When It Comes To Siding In Somerville, MA, You
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Since 2006, Solid State Construction has provided superb siding installations for Somerville, MA, residents. Whether you’re looking for cedar or fiber cement, we have the perfect siding for your home, ensuring years of durability.

Our core values drive our team and always benefit our customers, giving you assurance in an honest construction company built on integrity. Our word is our bond, and our hard-earned reputation speaks to our customer commitment.

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