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September 12, 2022

8 Advantages To Vinyl Siding For Your
Central MA Home

Beauty And Durability Are Guaranteed

Vinyl siding is always a popular option for many Central MA homeowners. While there are many exterior siding materials, vinyl is at the top of the list when it comes to popularity.

Why are more homeowners opting for vinyl siding for their homes? There are many reasons why many new homes use vinyl in some manner on the exterior of their home. Take a look at the eight advantages vinyl siding offers you.

1. Extremely Low Maintenance

Maintaining your home can be a chore. Not only are you dealing with the yards, washing windows, and cleaning driveways, but you also need to clean the exterior of your home.

Vinyl siding is considered to have the lowest maintenance requirements of any other siding product. In reality, barely any upkeep is required to keep your vinyl siding looking brand new.

Once vinyl siding has been installed, it looks perfect from the get-go  But, once a year, you will need to clean your vinyl siding. But, rest assured, cleaning can be an easy weekend project you can complete with a water hose in most cases.

2. Budget-Friendly

Compared to wood or bricks, vinyl siding is a budget-friendly solution for any homeowner. Nationally, homeowners who opt for vinyl siding save anywhere from $1,000 to $1,300 for every square foot compared to brick or wood siding.

You also need to factor in that your vinyl siding will not require painting and the maintenance costs it saves. In the long run, opting for vinyl siding saves a bundle.

3. Durable — Even In Central MA Weather

The weather in Central MA can vary greatly. While our summers may be hot and humid, our winters can be brutally cold. Having a home exterior you know can handle extreme heat and cold is crucial.

Vinyl siding is created to withstand the elements, whether you deal with heavy wind and hail or tons of ice and snow. With other types of exterior products, moisture from the weather can be an issue — but not with vinyl siding, as it is designed to prevent rot and corrosion.

4. Wonderfully Versatile

When you picture vinyl siding, what do you think of? Many people think of siding from years ago, often seen in white.

However, vinyl siding has advanced to the point that it can be made to look like various other types of exterior options. For example, siding that looks like stone, cedar, or even wood.

5. Energy Efficient

The insulation in vinyl siding helps to prevent heat loss, and the insulation also acts as a barrier to the outside cold and heat. With proper insulation, vinyl siding will keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Energy Star-rated vinyl siding averages a savings of 25% on energy bills throughout the year. While 25% may seem low, it can result in hundreds saved every year.

6. Increases Curb Appeal

Whether you want a beautiful home on the block you live on or are looking to sell your home soon, vinyl siding can increase curb appeal. Thanks to the numerous design options — it is easier than ever to make your home gorgeous.

Curb appeal is a point of personal pride for many homeowners, while others may only be interested in curb appeal for resale value. In either situation, vinyl siding is the key to success.

7. Easy Installation

Installation of vinyl siding is relatively simple when compared to bricks, cedar planks, and stucco exteriors. Sometimes, vinyl siding can be installed onto a Central MA home within a few days.

The ease of installation means you could have a home that looks completely different in under a week!

8. Terrific Customization Options

While we have discussed how many design options there are for vinyl siding (wood, stone, traditional, etc), there are just as many color options! Gone are the days when everyone chose white vinyl siding for their homes.

The number of color options varies according to the manufacturer. However, you will discover that white, tan, and beige are just the tip of the color spectrum.

For 2022, the vinyl siding colors gaining popularity are red, gray, green, blue, brown, and other bold colors. The bold color choices modernize the exterior of homes — even homes over 50 years of age are getting a facelift with bold vinyl siding.

Vinyl Siding With Solid State Construction

The key to having beautiful vinyl siding is the quality of the siding. We look at vinyl siding options with a fine tooth comb at Solid State Construction. For this reason, we only estimate that around 10% of vinyl siding on the market is worthy for our customers.

However, if vinyl siding is what you want on your home, we can make it happen. We also offer James Hardie siding, a fiber cement siding that replicates the look of vinyl siding.

With either option, we would be happy to show you the possibilities of what your Central MA home could be with the right siding installed on it.

Get A Free Consultation On Vinyl Siding For Your
Central MA Home

Solid State Construction can make new vinyl siding for your home happen if your current siding is outdated, old, showing signs of wear and tear, and needs to be replaced. Even if you want to upgrade to vinyl siding from another exterior material, we are the first call to make.

We offer free consultations for vinyl siding for all Central MA homeowners. Give us a call today at 508-714-7438 to schedule your consultation and start obtaining your dream home.