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When it’s time for a serious ‘no detail is too small’ roof replacement for your Needham, MA property, you want the best. Are you looking for a contractor you can trust with all the proper licensing, certifications, customer reviews, awards, and accolades for true peace of mind?

Solid State Construction (SSC) is your local GAF Master Elite contractor which places us in the tippy-top 3% of all roofers. Our teams are also wizards when it comes to increasingly popular metal and rubber systems as well.

On this page, you can find out more about our roofing services in the Needham and Greater Boston areas. Then you can reach out and contact us if you’d like to get the ball rolling today. Enjoy! 

GAF Lifetime Roofing In Needham

We specialize in GAF roofing system installations to replace old, outdated, or damaged roofing. Most often these projects are for residential homes, but certain businesses also adore the home-style look of GAF’s shingles with depth and quality craftsmanship.

  • Timberline Lifetime Roofing Shingles
  • Designer Lifetime Roofing Shingles
  • GAF High-Definition Roofing Shingles
  • Impact-Resistance & Cool/Reflective Lifetime Shingles
  • (3-Tab) Roofing Shingles for Limited Budget Projects 

Extra Leak & Roof Deck Protection

The reason GAF roofs are renowned across the United States is first and foremost because you can count on them not to leak and to provide tons of extra roof deck protection. And, if something should go wrong, it’s nice to know you can depend on both GAF and SSC to ensure everything is fixed and taken care of under warranty. 

Interlocking, Interlayered System Design

GAF systems are exactly that…systems… light years beyond any haphazard ‘custom job’ thrown together by low-quality, volume-based roofers. Once you have a chance to go through all the different styling and performance options with your Project Consultant, you’ll understand the real long-term benefits on the table. 

Most Remodeling Value Per Dollar

The only way to get more remodeling value for your money would be to hire us to custom-build some insanely opulent system using a mix of foreign/national materials.

You could also have a private company custom-build you a car, but you’d probably rather go get one from a world-class manufacturer, right? It’s pretty much the same exact thing when you’re talking about a roof. We’re getting everything we need from GAF, then assembling it with absolute attention to detail for the best warranty coverage the industry offers. 

Metal Roofing In Needham

Over the last decade or so, metal roofing systems have become more and more popular in Needham for a host of good reasons. At the top of the list are durability and super-long-lasting benefits. A metal roof is essentially the last roof you should ever need.

Beyond that, these systems are gorgeous (styling options continue to grow as the technology progresses) and dramatically increase curb appeal.

Rubber Roofing In Needham

Rubber roofing in Needham is almost expressly for low-sloped and flat roofs you’ll commonly see on larger multi-family residential or commercial buildings. They require near zero maintenance, have very little chance of leaking anytime this century, and last quite a long while. 

Get A Roof Quote & Inspection In Needham

Honestly, we’re probably going to be more excited about your roofing project than you are right now. Reach out, contact us, and speak with our friendly Inside Sales Coordinator today. They’ll get all your questions answered, address any concerns you might have, and schedule your free meeting with an SSC roofing Project Consultant. 

After their professional on-site inspection, they’ll provide you with as much insightful info as you can handle. We ensure our consultants are at least ten times as educated as your average industry ‘salesperson.’ Whether you ultimately end up working with us on your roofing replacement project or not, we’re happy to provide this free service to you.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

Very thorough in explaining the project ahead of time and great quality of work (roof replacement).

Kristina P.