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Nearly Endless Options For Your New Deck
In Reading, MA

We Make It Easy To Get Your Dream Deck

Adding a deck to your Reading, MA home can boost its livability by giving you a great gathering spot when you have company. At the same time, you’ll get the benefits of an increase in home value. If you want options when choosing your new deck, you need Solid State Construction. 

Here at Solid State Construction, we specialize in two types of decking – composite and wood – to offer you the most options possible. If you find it hard to make a decision, don’t worry – we’ll have an expert to assist you through the process.

TimberTech® AZEK Composite Decking

Do you love the look and style of natural wood but hate the idea of maintaining it? You’ll want to give our composite decking a try, then. TimberTech® composite decking has many great features, including:

  • Easy to paint or stain
  • No annual sealing
  • No splintering or rotting
  • Authentic-looking hardwood appearance
  • Resistant to fading, accidental staining, and weathering
  • Protected from mold and moisture damage
  • Produced sustainably

Wood Decking

We offer mahogany, cedar, and pressure-treated wood options if authentic wood decking is your style – and you’re more comfortable with routine maintenance. We chose all three of these options for their superior ability to resist rot and insects compared to other materials on the market.

Our Core Values Make Us Who We Are

When we started Solid State Construction, we took a hard look at the remodeling industry and noticed some significant flaws. We’ve made it our mission to set ourselves apart from the less-than-stellar reputation of some in our profession. Our core values are strong, guiding principles that lead us through every decision and action we take. 


We stay ahead of the game in learning new technologies, enabling us to provide the best results to our customers. We constantly look for methods to improve our processes to create a superior customer experience.


Every team member has an unadulterated love of remodeling – it’s a requirement to work for us. We pour all of our enthusiasm into every project we work on in Reading, MA.


While we strive for perfection, there are those rare occurrences where mistakes happen. In these instances, we do everything we can to make the situation right and do not try to shirk our responsibility.


Professionalism is one of our key traits, and it shines through everything we do. You’ll especially notice how we treat your home and speak to you because you deserve nothing less than our respect.


We’re a family at Solid State Construction. As a tight-knit group, everyone matters, making working together much more enjoyable.


We’re confident that we are more than capable of doing our jobs. However, we never slack off or get complacent. We have the drive to be more than what we are so that we can exceed our customers’ expectations.


Sometimes things don’t benefit our bottom line, but we’re still open and honest. If a customer doesn’t need their deck replaced and only requires a few repairs, we’ll tell them. You can always expect honest answers from us.


We take pride in a job well done. Making a difference in someone’s life through a new deck or home remodel means we’ve done an excellent job.

View Our Past Projects

A great way to know if a company’s work is solid is by looking at its previous work. We proudly show you our portfolio of previously completed decks at Solid State Construction. You can view these projects and get a precise idea of what we can achieve for your house. 

Frequently Asked Questions

While considering what kind of deck you want to add to your home, you probably have many questions running through your mind. These are some of the most frequently asked questions by our customers.

Q: How Do I Know Which Decking Material Is Right For Me?

A: Ultimately, this will be based on your budget, needs, and tastes. The best way to determine what you need is by consulting with an expert, which is why we assign a Project Consultant to help you identify the best deck for your situation.

Q: What Are Your Deck Installation Prices?

A: We never inflate our prices or skimp on the service quality, which leads to our prices being slightly higher than the average prices in the Reading area.

Q: Who Can I Expect To Perform My Deck Installation?

A: We only employ expert craftsmen with a passion for the trade. You will only have the absolute best of the best working on your new deck.

Turn To Solid State Construction For All
Of Your Decking Needs

If you’d like to add a deck to your Reading, MA home, choose the company that cares about your project as much as you do.

Here at Solid State Construction, we are remodeling nerds through and through. When it comes to your deck installation, it’ll be a toss-up as to who’s more excited – you or us. Because we care so much about what goes into your project, you’ll end up with the perfect deck.

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