IdentityHow We Execute Your Job With “Ant Colony” Efficiency

November 30, 2022

The Secret To How We Handle Your Installation With “Ant Colony” Efficiency

It’s No Accident Our Installations Run Like Clockwork. Our Fail-Proof Processes Are Dyed In The Wool.


Let’s face it: everyone has heard—or experienced!—horror stories of exterior remodeling jobs gone wrong. I know I’ve heard plenty of unpleasant tales from Central MA residents over the years.

The question is… WHY do so many remodeling projects go off the rails so often?

Well, there are all kinds of reasons: sales gangsters, crummy communication, bloated quotes. The list goes on and on (and on and on and on…).

Today, though, I want to hone in on one specific reason your dream project can quickly turn into nightmare fuel: poor execution of installation processes.

Lack Of Discipline Leads To Installation Disasters

Have you ever seen a nature documentary that showed how an ant colony works?

Every ant knows its job. Every ant contributes maximum effort. Every ant works in perfect harmony with its ant buddies. The colony works like a well-oiled machine because of its ingrained process.

It may seem strange to compare people to insects, but “ant-level” discipline is the key to successful, silky-smooth, “done-100%-right” installation. An exterior remodeling company not only needs a streamlined process, but its installers also MUST adhere to it without fail.

After all… processes, procedures, and protocols are useless if no one follows through on them.

Think of it this way: what good is airport security if the TSA officer doesn’t stop the guy with a samurai sword from going by? What good are food-safety protocols if the food inspector doesn’t check if a chef washes his hands after handling raw chicken? Why would the Boston Celtics coach draw up plays if his players aren’t going to run them?

You get the idea. A process is only as good as the people executing it. Follow-through, follow-through, follow-through!

Processes & Teamwork - Solid State Construction

Design. Implement. Execute.

To create the perfect project process, exterior remodelers need to follow a three-step system: Design. Implement. Execute.
Yep… that spells D.I.E. 

I apologize for the morbid anagram. But as an exterior remodeler, you either live by this system… or you die by it.

Allow me to explain by breaking down each step individually…

Designing The Process

The first step in creating the perfect process is sitting down and DESIGNING it.

Trust me—developing a soup-to-nuts remodeling process is one tall task. It’s something I myself struggled with the first few years after I opened Solid State Construction.

But after a whole lot of blood, sweat, and tears, my team and I finally “cracked the code” and developed a 100% streamlined process… one that ensures you incredible results and a stress-free experience.


Implementing The Process

After designing a project process, an exterior remodeler has to IMPLEMENT it. This means putting the process in place at the company, creating internal documentation that clearly outlines the process, and painstakingly training the team on how to execute it (step 3).

In other words, it’s all about preparation. A contractor’s team can’t just know about the process; they have to eat, sleep, and breathe it. That’s the only way to guarantee proper execution (and YOUR unbridled satisfaction).

Executing The Process

Once the process is in place, all that’s left is for a contractor’s team to EXECUTE it. Depending on the type of people at the company, this could be the easiest of the three steps or far and away the most difficult. It boils down to the team’s drive, skill, and maybe most importantly, it’s belief in the process.

This is why I’ve assembled a Dream Team of rockstar remodeling talent at Solid State Construction. Every single Solid State team member is a passionate expert in their field. We all share the same vision and goal: to provide you with the most extraordinary remodeling experience—and results—of your life.

And That Is How We’re “Ant Colony” Efficien

That’s really all there is to it. By following the D.I.E. method, we perform your project with the efficiency, proficiency, and organization of an ant colony—an ant colony that just happens to build awesome, knock-your-socks-off exterior remodels.

If you want proof, just give us a call. From the very first time you talk to us, you’ll see we’re a Central MA remodeler with the silky-smooth, stress-free process you’re looking for.