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March 7, 2022

The Evolution Of Solid State: What We’ve Learned From Fifteen Years Of Exterior Remodels.

Here Are Two Of Our Biggest Lessons Learned Remodeling Massachusetts Homes.

By Jeff Brooks, Owner

I’ve been a bookworm and a self-proclaimed nerd my whole life, but one thing I’ve learned from founding and running Solid State Construction for fifteen years is the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

Sometimes all the knowledge and mental preparation in the world STILL can’t make up for trial and error.  And, at times, I’ve had to learn that the hard way.

Fortunately, all of our (many) trials and errors were worth it because now we are one of the biggest and highest rated contractors in New England.  Our customers are happy, and we’re happy that we get to continue doing what we love: helping homeowners in Central Massachusetts improve their homes.

Delegation Because You Really CAN’T Do Everything

When I first founded Solid State Construction, I did what SO many entrepreneurs do: I tried to do EVERYTHING.  I handled work orders and payroll.  I handled billing and customer service.  I managed projects, I hammered nails, and I put on just about every hat a small exterior remodeler has.

And the results?

They weren’t ideal.  I was working what felt like a million hours a week, and the company STILL wasn’t running as efficiently as I would have liked.  What’s more, by the time I had caught up on all the book-keeping, I realized we were actually LOSING money.  Something needed to change.

Ultimately, the answer was right in front of me.  I needed to hire people to do the things I couldn’t or lacked the time for.  But I couldn’t hire just anyone.  I had to KNOW I was hiring the nicest, most qualified, and all around best people for the job.

On my own, I was struggling just to stay afloat….

High definition CGI image of a red and white innertube being thrown against a background of blue, cloudy skies.

Finding The Right People

When it comes time to hand off any aspect of the business you’re passionate about to another person, it’s easy to let fear get in the way.

What if they don’t do a good job?  What if they mess up?  What if they provide BAD customer service?

All of these questions and doubts were buzzing around in my head, but I knew what I had to do.  I had to hire amazing, friendly, and qualified people to help me do everything I was struggling to handle on my own.

Training was one area in which I desperately needed assistance.

I needed each and every installer to be as skilled as me, when it came to doing the actual “bread and butter” remodeling work.  They had to know the right way to install flashing, the right way to remove siding, the right way to replace roofing, etc.

The problem was training is a full-time job, and I didn’t have the time to train every installer to my standards and have time left over for anything else.

Now, I’m happy to say, things are very different.

We have our own Installation Inspector & Trainer, so no one can slip through the cracks without knowing EXACTLY what they’re doing.

As for customer service, we now have our own Director Of Customer Experience.  She makes sure every single homeowner gets the above-and-beyond customer experience we’re known for.

Contact Solid State Construction

Rather than trust newbies or poorly-reviewed handymen to handle your next exterior remodel, turn to the tried and true professionals.  We’ve learned the ropes both the easy way and the hard way.  Give us a call at (508) 841-3928 or schedule a virtual consultation today.

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