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March 30, 2022

We’re The Central MA Remodeler With Impeccable Standards

In An Industry With Few Official Regulations,

It Pays To Choose A Home Contractor

That Does Everything Right.

While it would be comforting to think that there are strict legal barriers to becoming a professional roofer or siding installer, there simply aren’t.  Virtually anyone with a few hundred dollars can get licensed.

That’s why we don’t hire just anyone, and those we do hire have to undergo extensive, in-house training.  We’ve found that’s the only way to ensure you have truly qualified people on the job.

It’s not a matter of not trusting people.  A lot of people in the construction and remodeling industry simply aren’t taught the correct way to do things, and a lot of companies don’t bother to emphasize it.

We do, and it’s the only way we feel comfortable sending our employees over to work on your home.  Whether we are replacing your roof or installing new siding, we have only skilled, prepared, and qualified people on the job.

No Barrier To Entry

Of course, we didn’t start out quite this strict, but after seeing countless installers who had been in this industry for years make rookie mistakes, we knew we had to implement our own stringent approach to training.

One big reason we found this to be the case was the lack of standards in the industry.  In terms of the law, Massachusetts only requires licensing fees and a basic safety test.  There’s nothing that requires them to actually KNOW what they’re doing.

So we insist upon it ourselves.  Rather than trust their experience to be “good enough,” we train even experienced contractors on our process and standards.

Our Training Is THOROUGH


While it saves time and money in the short-term to get a new hire working on a real project as soon as possible, it is a TERRIBLE idea.

Occasionally, amateurs can handle a simple project and do a passable job at it.  Far too often, though, even one inexperienced, badly-trained installer can completely derail a project.  Worst case scenario, they end up CAUSING additional damage to the home.

Even if it doesn’t come to that, you can still wind up with a subpar job with more than a few corners cut.  With materials like James Hardie fiber cement siding, you can pretty much guarantee an unqualified installer will mess it up royally.

That’s why we’ve invested in our own James Hardie siding training facility.  In it, trainees and experienced pros alike can practice installing James Hardie siding on real walls.  They wash, rinse, and repeat this process over and over until they get it RIGHT.

We even have our own James Hardie siding insider, Rudi Da Silva who personally trains every single siding installer until they master the process.

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